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I have a broad experience in the field of interventional neurology, muscular neurology, clinical neurophysiology neuroimmunology, epilepsy

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I have done doctor of Clinical Neuropsychology from Macquarie University.
I have a broad experience in the field of interventional neurology, muscular neurology, clinical neurophysiology neuroimmunology, epilepsy, pain management, neuroses habilitation, behavioral neurology and sleep medicine.
Professional Experience
I am working as a senior staff specialist – Pediatric Neurology in Mater Health Services. My responsibilities are to provide children a high quality clinical care, I have to supervise as well as teach junior medical staff, coordinate with multidisciplinary team and sometimes I have to lead medical, nursing, and allied health colleagues, also I have to participate in quality assurance programs; clinical; educational and research activities.
Professional Skills
Good communication skills, good leadership skills, involved in medical public relation, and knowledge of neurological diagnostic procedures.
Watching sci-fi and action movies, reading and playing outdoor sports.
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