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Jhony Carter

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Done Masters in Statistics from Australian National University.
I hold a good understanding of the theory of probability and Markov analysis.
Professional Experience
I have been working as an online tutor for the past 5 years. I have to teach several topics under statistics such as correlation, probability, regression, simplex and many more. I have to focus on developing relevant materials and knowledge sharing so that all students can understand tough concepts easily; also provide group training to the students so that they can enhance knowledge. Also, I used to apply new strategies as well as methodologies so that they can achieve optimum results.
Professional Skills
Proficient in English, Spanish and French; proficiency in MS applications (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook Express, and Power Point) and the Internet; Excellent analytical skills, problem solving skills, organizational skills and classroom management skills. Strong written and communication skills.
Playing outdoor and water sports, reading fiction books, and watching movies.
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