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A brand will only be as successful as your target audience determines it will be bad if your brand starts losing relevance to your target audience, there will be a reduction in the number of patronage experienced and this will lead to the brand failing generally in the marketing planning. Sustaining your targets audience interest and patronage is very important for the success of your brand. This can be done by making a continuous effort to ensure that your brand stands out from the competition in the market. This will ensure that your customers continue to patronize your brand until they have a bad experience, this means your brand quality perception has to be sustained to at the highest levels. It is necessary to put a customer care assistance service to assist every customer who has problems with your brand, this will satisfy the customer and keep their loyalty to your brand.


It is good to know that there are very many proven ways to make your brand stand out; these methods have been generated from the successes recorded from previous brands that have tried them. The following methods can be used to make your brand stand out:

Quality assurance consistency- There has been many instances where former loyal customers had to change their brands because of a repeated experience from low quality of the previous brands products and services. A long lasting experience of quality from your brand will make it stand out in the highly competitive market. There are procedures to ensure that quality is assured for every of the brands products, many organizations might overlook some necessary costs to ensure this but it is important to ensure that every quality assurance exercise is carried out in the most professional manner without cutting any costs as this will maintain a good sales revenue for the brand.

By creativity- In a business environment where there are very many brands offering the same service to the customers, there will be a tough competition. Your brand can stand out by being creative in your communication to your target audience, the majority of your competition will be offering the same service using the same structure of pitch, and your brand will stand out if you can find a better and more unique way of communicating the same message to your target audience.

Enlisting the help of popular social media personalities- you can createuniqueness for your brand if you can get popular social media personalities to mention your brand in their comments and posts on their social media pages. They can also help in promoting your brand through other means to their millions of followers, these followers love their celebrity and they will follow their celebrity to patronize certain brands if they know that’s what the celebrity uses as advertised for your brand.

Taking over the financing of popular TV shows- TV shows are constantly looking for sponsors, it will be very smart for a brand to take over the financial resources needs that will sustain a TV show, the favorite TV shows to finance are those popular shows that have incredible ratings when it comes to their viewers, your brand will be advertised during the TV shows to be seen by millions of viewers from all over the world. Financing popular TV shows can be very expensive but the returns are very encouraging for the brand. Popular football competitions can also be financed by brands that seek to stand out from the crowd. The UEFA champions’ league is sponsored by Heineken, and this relationship has been very rewarding for the Heineken brand in very many ways. This is a very good example how this strategy can be used to make your brand stand out.


A measure of your brands success will be done by identifying the measure of quality perception for your brand and the frequency with which repeat purchases are made by your loyal customers. The first thing to do when you need to measure the level of your brand success will be to clearly identify your previous expectations from the brand from the time of inception to the current period. This will include assessing the goals and how much of this has been achieved by the brand in the market.

The following methods can be sued to measure your brands success:

Market research- A good market research will need to be conducted for your brand, this market research will be aimed at identifying the target audience perception of your brand and the level to which the target audience expectation from your brand has been achieved. The results of this market research will give a clear indication of how successful the brand is in the market.

The effectiveness of branding- using the basic tools to determine the effectiveness of the branding exercise carried out for the brand will be a clear indication on how successful it has been in the market as it will be seen from the results of the investigation.

Getting feedback from the customers- There are many methods of collecting feedback from the customers directly, the use of primary data collection methods will be very useful in this instance, this will involve the use of questionnaires that will be handed to the customers to fill out, the answers given to the questions on the questionnaires will show how much the customers regard the brand and it will also indicate if they will be making any purchases in the nearest future. A direct approach can also be used to get the needed information from the customers where the branding team will approach the customers to get their opinions and understand how they feel about the brand.

Online polls- The use of online polls is a very good strategy to get feedback from a very large group of people. Setting up online polls for the brand on popular websites where the millions of visitors can take the polls if they have the time will give a diverse result from many people; an assessment of these results will give a clear indication of the success of the brand in the market from the answers given on the online polls. The only issues with the online polls are that your partakers are absolutely anonymous with little chances knowing their locations or verifying their answers.

The social media- From the social media information can be gathered to know how the public perceive the brand, the different social media platforms have many users who log in daily, so it can be used to get information system from many people in a short period of time.


Change is the only constant thing in life, with this information it is expected that when there is a change it should be advancement for the better, changing for the better is good, it will enable you to keep up with the latest trends and time.

The decision to rebrand can be made due to several reasons, many of these reasons will be aimed at making the brand better, and rebranding opens new opportunities to do things in better ways for the brand to achieve better results. A brand that has recorded a poor success in the market will need to undergo a complete rebranding process to re position the brand for better business. The following are some reasons why rebranding is done for brands:

  • Advancement and growth
  • Diversity in the offered services
  • To reposition the brand to secure a bigger chunk of the market.
  • To change the negative quality perception from the target audience.
  • To improve the products and services offered.
  • To change the strategies for branding both in the online and offline strategies.

Branding R-Evolution is important for the long term sustenance of the brand and it should be encouraged after a specific number of years as part of the branding and marketing strategy. A good example of a popular brand that has undergone many forms of brand R-Evolution over the years is Coca-Cola.

Guide to action

You have now been empowered with very useful information, you need to act on every useful tip you have noted down from the beginning of this book to this point. You should also ensure that you get a good understanding of every branding logic and strategy that you have noted from this book. Branding projects are very interesting projects to conduct; you stand to learn a lot when you undertake various types of branding exercises. The thrill basically is achieved when you encounter certain kinds of challenges while executing your branding project, your ability to use the wealth of information you have gathered through the years and every other form of experience from practical branding works you have studied and observed to solve the challenges you will face in the real life situations. Every victory in branding is an awesome experience, and I know you will have very many victories that will be the basis for your brands to become a very huge success in the markets. Read more about : HND Hospitality Management Assignment

In this chapter, we have talked about the ways through which you can measure your brands success and the various ways you can make your brand stand out from the rest competition in the market. You have also learnt how to promote your brand and establish a platform for your brand to go through brand R-evolution. This chapter sums up the basic information you need for the success of your brand, a good understanding of this chapter is essential for you to succeed in your entire branding career making it a most interesting and important part of your entire life.

How can you measure your brands success?

Your brands success can be measured using different yard sticks that will be aimed at identifying the level of awareness for your brand in the market and also the extent of financial gains made from the sales of your brand.

You can conduct a survey to identify how easily your brand is recognized in a region you have not really carried out extensive branding activities and promotions for your brand. This way you can determine the far reaching effects of your branding and marketing activities. When your brand is being recognized in a place you have not done very much branding and marketing you can only attribute the customers’ ability to identify your brand as a good mark of success for your brand, and it means that if you were to actually conduct a marketing campaign in those areas, the sales returns will be very wonderful and encouraging.

You can also measure your brand success by the use of a good feedback system from your branding community to determine how well your brand is meeting the needs of the members that make up your branding community. There are many applications that have been developed to determine the success of brands in the market, these application have been specially programmed to use specific indices with which the success of your brand can be known when you have put in the necessary information for your brand. You brand can also be termed as successful when you start getting orders for supply, these orders will be totally borne by the need for your brand in many other far reaching regions that you might not have covered in your marketing campaign but the information about how good your brand is has reached those areas.

How can you make your brand stand out?

Your brand will always stand out when you use the concept of competitive differentiation in the best way possible. The highlights that will determine the uniqueness of your brand will be easily identified by your target audience and this will give your brand the needed leverage it needs over the competition in the market.

How can you promote feedback for your brand?

Feedback is essential to understand how well your brand is meeting the needs of your target audience, there are many customers who will simply switch brands when they are not satisfied, but when feedback is received, you can make the necessary amends to ensure those customers remain with your brand. There are many ways you can encourage your brand community to provide feedback for your brand; these strategies should be used as often as possible to ensure the feedback is accurate for the right actions to be taken by your branding team.

How can you introduce the concept of brand R-evolution?

The concept of brand R-evolution will rarely be sabotaged or resisted. You need to encourage this concept at the time when you are sure there is the need for a change. Many common big brands today have undergone these changes and the effects have been very wonderful, if you think carefully, you will remember one of these brands from your past. These will be brands that you could recognize with a certain shape foe their products and all of a sudden you start seeing a whole new, better and more creative packaging for your brand. The interesting part is that the new change you will observe for these brands will meet some secret desires you have always wished the products had or the way they were made. This means that the branding team have done their work very well as they have discovered what the customers have always wished they had when the patronized the brand.

The concept of brand R-evolution should be introduced gradually in a very professional development manager ; this is because of the quite unpredictable nature of the brand community. The reactions might not be as it was expected but with the use of professionalism, every situation will be easily handled.

How can you ensure that every customer gets satisfaction from your brand?

This is one of the reasons why the concept of brand R-evolution is essential for your brand. Your customers need to have a high level of satisfaction every time, and the responsibility to deliver this satisfaction lies on you. You need to know what is working for your brand and improve on it while studying the behavior of your brand community to know best you can serve them

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Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi are the great minds behind the Myndit™ Personal Branding. They are based in Rome, Italy. Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi have had years of experience in the fields of Personal and Corporate Branding.Riccardo Proetto has distinguished himself in many other fields such as mathematical economics, linguistics, Neuro Linguistic Programming and the core areas of Emotional Intelligence studies, also boasting of a remarkable work record from the Allianz Bank and BNL-PNB Paribas Group.Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi are the original pioneers of the Ultimate Quality Perception®.  His better half Silvia Pistolesi has a remarkable proficiency in consulting towards managing and coaching teams. She is a great leader who has the ability

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to bring out the best in any teams that goes through her expert training programs. Silvia Pistolesi has consulted for reputable firms such as Kempinski organization, The Hilton, The Millennium and Copt Horne groups.

This book is another master piece from the extraordinary duo, and it holds the key to making your brand become a world class success.

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