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Question (scenario): Your employer considers the ability to maintain positive working connections to be a critical component of a manager’s skill set. You’ve been chosen for a promotion in your place of business. You’ll be asked to take over as team leader of a team that’s experiencing trouble with team dynamics. The team is made up of a broad set of people, and some of them are finding it difficult to feel at ease in their new environment. Productivity has decreased as a result of the discord.

You must provide a report to your boss outlining what you would do to improve the team’s working relationships. You must demonstrate how you will improve teamwork and morale in order to boost productivity.

Communication related to the achievement of the work responsibility
Taking your team’s valuable advice
Finding resolution on the all issues raised by the team members
Giving an ethical reaction to the difficulties of the team members
Ability to achieve the trust and confidence of the entire team
Manage the conflict within the team
Different communication styles to use or not to use
Use of networking to improve relationships
Act as per the diversity of the team members
Legislation can affect your behavior with the team members

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