STRATEGIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS groups of three or four, you will be required to conduct research on AIS/ERP Systems for your client. Your team is required to pick a case study in one of the areas mentioned below (not limited to). Then prepare a Business Report for the client detailing the processes of selecting an AIS/ERP to help them to make informed decision for investment in information system to take their business to the next level including:

  1. Define business processes,
  1. Develop business requirements,
  1. Determine the systems requirements,
  1. Software and vendor selection
  1. Determine at least three (3) ways which companies or organizations u STRATEGIC INFORMATION SYSTEMStilize such technologies to improve business efficiency
  1. Evaluate the level of efficiency of the technology implementation
  1. Examine potential security risks, data breaches
  1. Provide guidelines on how these risks could be mitigated.

The report should be about 3000 words and should be submitted in an MSWord format document for the client. Each group would be required to find AIS/ERP that addresses the different aspects of the clients’ business especially the area of their enumerated challenges and should also ensure that the client’s business requirements are addressed. You may also employ any analysis or design tool in the preparation of your report – so long as the results are suitable for presentation in the required Word document and are your own work.

Remember: this is a report intended to convince a board of directors to adopt your proposal. Your report must therefore be complete, yet concise; be clear and convincing, and professionally presented. Above all, the report must be specific to the needs of the business.


Case Studies in the areas of: (The team needs to email the lecturer their choice)

Public TransportImmigration
Flight CentresHealth
Real state agenciesMedicine

Submission Requirements:

Research reports are to be presented in size 12 Times New Roman or 10 Calibri Font and double spaced. The research should include a list of at least 5 references used in the research report and a bibliography of the wider reading done to familiarize oneself with the topic.


  • Soft copy to self-check and Final Submission with cover sheet

You are reminded to read the “Plagiarism” section of the course description. Your research should be a synthesis of ideas from a variety of sources expressed in your own words. All reports must use the Harvard referencing style. Marking rubrics are attached.

Assessment Criteria:

Type/ScoreVery Good (10/10)Good (7/10)Satisfactory (5/10)Unsatisfactory (3/10)
Fits with criteriaAppropriately choose anEvidence ofAdequacyReports that choose
/10AIS/ERP that fits. understandingunderstanding of theof understanding ofsystems/software not
of the nature and purpose ofnature and purpose ofthe nature andrelevant will lose
the businessthe businesspurpose of themarks from this
Type/ScoreVery Good (15/15)Good (11/15)Satisfactory (8/15)Unsatisfactory (5/15)
Presentation andInformation is well organized.Information isInformation isInformation is poorly
writing styleCorrect layout including timesorganized, Correctsomewhatorganized, Some
new roman, font size 12 orlayout including timesorganized, Someelements of layout or
calibri, font size10, doublenew roman, font sizeelements of layoutlength incorrect.
/15 marksspaced. About the right length.12 or calibri, fontor length incorrect.
size10, doubleProper grammar and
Very well written, excellentspaced. About theProper grammarpunctuation not
paraphrasing and properright length.and punctuationalways used.
grammar and punctuation aremostly used, butExcessive overuse of
used throughout.Well written, someoveruse of directdirect quotes
paraphrasing andquotes.
proper grammar and


Type/ScoreVery Good (15/15)Good (11/15)Satisfactory (8/15)Unsatisfactory (5/15)
IntroductionIntroduces the topic of theIntroduces the topicSatisfactorilyIntroduces the topic
research report in an extremelyof the research reportintroduces the topicof the research
engaging manner which arousesin an engagingof the researchreport, but omits a
/15 marksthe reader’s interest.manner whichreport.general background
arouses the reader’sof the topic and/or
Gives a detailed generalinterest.Gives a general
background and indicates thebackground.the overall “plan” of
overall “plan”.Gives some generalthe report.
background andIndicates the overall
indicates the overall“plan” of the report.
“plan” of the report.
Type/ScoreVery Good (20/20)Good (15/20)Satisfactory (10/20)Unsatisfactory (5/20)
CriteriaEvidence of understanding ofThe chosenEvidence ofYou gain marks for
completionthe nature and purpose of thesoftware/system hasunderstanding ofensuring that all of
/20business.the capacity tothe implications forthe points mentioned
Evidence of understanding ofaddress challengesthe companyabove as challenges
the implications for theidentified within thewithin the business
companybusiness.are covered in your
report by the chosen
software / system.
Type/ScoreVery Good (10/10)Good (7/10)Satisfactory (5/10)Unsatisfactory (3/10)
Evidence ofSubstantial range ofGood range ofSuitable range ofInsufficient range or
Researchappropriate and current,appropriate andsupportive evidencenumber of supportive
supportive evidencecurrent, supportiveused. Not alwaysevidence used.
/10 marksevidence.appropriate and/or
current. Minimum
Type/ScoreVery Good (20/20)Good (15/20)Satisfactory (10/20)Unsatisfactory (5/20)
Development ofLogical, insightful, originalDetailed, originalAdequate discussionInadequate discussion
Discussiondiscussion with well-connecteddiscussion developsdevelops logically.of issues and/or
paragraphs.logically with somelacking in logical flow
connection betweenUnderstanding of
Evidence of full engagementadjoining paragraphs.reading shown. FewLittle/no
/20 markswith the literature found, withrelevant analysis.demonstrated
relevant and detailed analysis.Understanding ofunderstanding of
reading shown. Somereading.
relevant analysis.
None/little discussion
or analysis.
Type/ScoreVery Good (5/5)Good (4/5)Satisfactory (3/5)Unsatisfactory (2/5)
ConclusionAn interesting, well writtenA good summary ofSatisfactoryPoor/no summary of
summary of the main points.the main points.summary of thethe main points.
An excellent final comment onmain points.
/5 marksthe subject, based on theA good final commentA poor final comment
information provided.on the subject, basedA final comment onon the subject and/or
on the informationthe subject, butnew material
provided.introduced newintroduced.


Type/ScoreVery Good (5/5)Good (4/5)Satisfactory (3/5)Unsatisfactory (2/5)
ReferencingCorrect referencing (Harvard)Mostly correctMostly correctNot all material
All quoted material in quotesreferencing (Harvard)referencingcorrectly
and acknowledged.(Harvard) Someacknowledged.
/5 marksAll quoted material inproblems with
All paraphrased materialquotes andquoted material andSome problems with
acknowledged.acknowledged. Allparaphrasedthe reference list or
paraphrased materialmaterialbibliography.
Correctly set out reference listacknowledged.
and bibliography included.Mostly correct settingSome problems with
out reference list andthe reference list or
bibliography included.bibliography.
/100 marks
Final marks


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