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Statistics Assignment HelpA statistic is the science of grouping, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data and then summarizing it into numerical form.

Statistics is a complicated and cumbersome area of education. One needs a lot of time and patience. Teachers or professors provide various statistics assignments to their students so that the academic performance of the students can be evaluated from time to time.

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Types Of Statistics

Mainly, there are two different types of statistics, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics.

Description statistics

Descriptive statistics provide quantitative or visual summaries about the samples that are taken. It demonstrates the important features of any collected information or it may describe the quantitative description as well. It can be described as a single value or in a tabular form.

Inferential statistics

Here a sample of data represents the entire population and these samples are utilized to make generalizations about the whole population. Inferential statistics work upon the idea that every sample cannot be 100% flawless.

Forms Of Data

Having knowledge of all types of data is crucial when you are aimed at working with statistics. Data serve as a building block for further development and implementation.

Take a glance at the following three forms of data:-

Statistics Assignment Help

Numerical data

Numerical data is represented in the form of numbers rather than in any descriptive language. Numerical data can either be discrete data where only countable items are represented or continuous data which represents uncountable items.

Categorical data

Categorical data is represented in descriptive language instead of numbers. It gives out additional information about the represented items. Get in touch with our statistics assignment help for more information.

Ordinal data

Ordinal data combines both numerical data and categorical data. Here, the categorical data is more prominent but numbers also have specific importance.

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