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What Happened?

I was walking to my office from the car parking at 10am on Monday when I noticed disorder in the staff office. Darmian and Pereira were shouting at each other while standing and they looked visibly upset. They saw me through the window and stopped arguing then sat down. I proceeded to my office without a word.

What are my emotions?

Staff Conflict Assignment HelpI wondered why Darmian and Pereira were in the staff office in the first place. They worked in the workshop and it was working time. I was disappointed with them because they were not working when they were supposed to be. I was also disappointed with the staff officer, Eva, because she let them argue in her office. Two departments of my company, the staff office and the workshop, were at a standstill so valuable working time was being wasted.

Impact on my image?

I noticed other employees watching me as I walked to my office after I saw the incident. I then knew that the issue would be followed closely by them to see how I dealt with the issue, which was clearly compromising work. Thankfully, there were no customers or visitors to the company therefore I was sure it would remain an internal matter. The external image was unlikely to be affected. Read more : Project Management Methodology Assignment

 Do I seek a win/win outcome?

Darmian and Pereira are one of the best workers in the workshop while Eva managed staff affairs effectively so my intention was to keep them in the company. However, they were costing under  the company money by not working when they were supposed to be. Therefore, I also wanted to find a solution to ensure employee conflicts did not occur anymore and that working time was optimised on.

Neutral Observer Story:

Me: Eva, you have a minute?

Eva: Sure, boss.

Me: I noticed this morning that there was an argument in your office, what was the problem?

Eva: Darmian and Pereira were arguing over overtime pay.

Me: But you are in charge of overtime pay, right?

Eva: Yes I am.

Me: Come to my office with the two of them at 2pm, okay?

Eva: Yes boss.

Is it safe?

Staff Conflict Assignment HelpStaff Conflict Assignment HelpEva looked nervous when I said that I wanted to talk to the three of them. This made me think that maybe she was in the wrong. However, I wanted to be fair in solving the issue therefore I decided that I would listen to everyone’s side of the story.

What’s their story? Tell your story:

Me: Hello, please sit.

Eva, Darmian and Pereira: Thank you.

Me: I saw arguing in Eva’s office in the morning, and I am sure you saw me too. So what was the issue? Pereira you go first.

Pereira: Last week I worked more hours than Darmian. We left work at the same time except on Thursday, when I worked an extra two hours. However, I am disappointed because he received more overtime pay than me.

Me: How do you know this?

Pereira: I sneaked into Eva’s office and checked the overtime records. The records showed that Darmian worked two more hours each day than I did, which is not true. I went to confront Eva and Darmian found me complaining and defended her so we started arguing.

Eva: Pereira wanted to be awarded extra pay for hours he did not work or threatened to report the issue to you. That is blackmail, boss.

Me: Eva, your time to talk will come. Darmian, did you get more overtime pay than you deserved?

Darmian: Yes I did.

Me: Eva, explain why that happened.

Eva: Darmian approached me last week but one and suggested I could award him extra overtime pay then share it between us. I stupidly agreed and that’s why we are here.

Darmian: I am sorry boss. That was greedy of me. It won’t happen again.

Me: Thank you for your honesty. You were stealing from the company which is a vice that could make you lose your job. I am very disappointed with you.

Co-create Options:

Eva: Boss, I promise that this will not happen again. I am very sorry.

Me: A promise is no guarantee, what do you suggest should be done to make sure this never happens again, ever? See more : Business Organization System part 3

Eva: Firstly, I am willing to accept a penalty for what I did. I suggest a week’s wages would be acceptable. Secondly, I suggest that the overtime hours records may be computerised.

Darmian: I am also willing to accept the penalty Eva suggested, just let me keep my job.

Me: Pereira, any suggestions?

Pereira: Yes boss. I think it would be fine if the gatemen kept records of when staff arrived and when they left.

Me: I don’t think that’s a good option, thanks anyway. I suggest that we introduce electronic cards which you will swap in a machine as you enter the workshop and as you leave. The machine will be computerised and will keep record of each workers entrance and exit time. That solves the records problem. The company money lost will be recovered from your two weeks wages, Darmian and Eva. Any objection?

Eva: No Sir.

Me: May this also serve as a warning to you all. This kind of behaviour will not be accepted here. You are lucky to keep your jobs.

Eva: Thank you boss. (Order Now)

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