The uncatalogued functionality is a major foundation of all information management activities throughout recorded human history. This has not changed in the modern era in the slightest. This project seeks to introduce the learner to the methodology underpinning a wide variety of desktop applications, websites and mobile apps. Examples of this functionality include:,, any Contacts List app to name just a few.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTIn this project, you will be expected to create a dynamic data driven catalogue (database recommended, file driven acceptable) with a basic dynamic login system (not hard coded). The student may choose any subject matter they wish for the catalogue so long as it fits the minimum display layout specified in this document.


Programming Requirements:

Unless agreed otherwise with your Instructor, this software should be developed in JAVA for desktop or mobile environment. The application software must connect to a datasource to allow dynamic generation and editing of the catalogue contents. It is strongly recommended that an SQL Compliant datasource be used and preferably MYSQL.

Wireframe Layouts:

Wireframes are an industry standard for specifying the number of screens and expected program flow.


E.R. Diagrams are a standard way of representing databases and their internal interconnectivity. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT

Evaluation Criteria:

Grading: Grading shall be on the following criteria:

  • 50% – present a working ‘User’ area with login, search and catalogue display driven from a database
  • + 5% – Handle Administration login via extra database field
  • + 15% – Working ‘Add’ new content entry area
  • + 30% – Working ‘Edit’ existing entry area

Due Date: This assignment is due no later than the end of the final class (last class in week 9) and no submissions after this time will be accepted.

Proof of Work:

The Learner must demonstrate the working (or partial attempt) in class to the instructor to verify that this is their own working. The Learner may be required to answer questions from the instructor to verify that the work is indeed their own and that they can demonstrate an understanding of the code presented. Students are encouraged to attend classes and demonstrate regular progress to ensure their work is credited to them. NOTE: plagiarism and cheating at not permitted at Chisholm and penalties apply for such behaviour.