Socio policy equality UK
  • December 27, 2017
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Socio policy equality UK


Socio policy equality UK  purposes of this assignment you need to look at the significant changes over the years in social policy. You will need to look into the origins of the welfare state. You will also be investigating in particular the Equality Act 2010

Section A

Significant historical and contemporary landmarks in social welfare provision

In this section you are asked to briefly describe social policy giving examples.


  1. What were the agreements (consensus) and differences in post war (WW2) policies?
  • Influence of butler, Gaitskell?
  • Talk about agreement?
  • Talk about the differences way in which they implement the differences
  • Explain the reasons behind the breakdown of the consensus. (You need to analyse the role of key players of the era in policy making).
  • Political parties’ role, various Groups, key player’s role?
  • New right and Thatcherism, new labour, social inclusion, devoluting personalised services?
  • Why is the breakdown of the consensus?


  • Understand the factors that contribute to the incidence of abuse and harm to self-others
  •                                    SAFEGUARDING IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE
  1. Impact of social and Cultural Factor of different types of abuse or harms on resident and other vulnerable people.
  • Talk about…..
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(1B) analysis of the impact of social and cultural factors on different types of abuse and or harm.

As seen in the previous task, there are different categories of risk factors and different types of abuses and harms too. There is no doubt in the fact that the different risk factors lead to the different kind of abuses and harms. In this section first I will give a brief description upon the different kinds of risk factors and then the different types of abuses and harm and finally there will be a discussion on the fact that how different risks are linked to different abuses and harms (Reece, 2010).

The different kind of risk factors are broadly divided into Social and Cultural factors.

Socio policy equality UK

The impact social factors are as following:

  • Poverty and Unemployment: From the surveys it seen that those who are poor and do not have the power of money are more vulnerable to the abuse and hence are mistreated by others.
  • Health:The patients those who are not able to take their care and hence are dependent on other are vulnerable to abuse. The care takers and the family members do not want to waste their time as well as money in treating these people.
  • Social Isolation: Social isolation leads to abuse because those parents or family members who are isolated from the society do not have that emotional factor which will be required to take care of these set of people. Moreover those who are isolated do not feel any obligation, even from the society, to take care either of the children or the aged people (Sim et al, 2012).
  • Housing: Housing can be another reason for abuse when the care taker in the family is unemployed and he is dependent on the elder member financially. The need of money can lead to physical abuse.
  • Education:Education has got an opposite impact on abuse. This means that education prevents in abuse and harm. Education helps is reducing the level of abuse as it educates the care giver about the ways to handle the patient and the stress caused by them.
  • The impact of cultural factors are as following:
  • Ethnicity:Ethnicity and cultural background has got a great impact on abuse as these are the things which gives rise to the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. The use of these harmful products is injurious but still people take it as it comes under their culture and maintains a social status for them.   
  • Discrimination:Discrimination on the name of gender, colour, race etc. leads to various abuses and harm. This leads to the separation of the person from the society (Slade et al, 2014).
  • Religion:There are religions which are considered as the minority and the individuals belonging to these religious groups are vulnerable to abuse as they are less in number.
  • From the above discussion it is quite clear that there are different factors which leads to different kinds of abuses. All these social and cultural factors have an impact on the types of abuses and harms. There are different kinds of abuses and self-harms too. The different kind of abuses are like emotional abuse in which the victim is tortured mentally, the next is physical abuse in which the torture is done on the body of the victim, the next is sexual in which the victim is sexually harassed, then there is neglect in which the victim is left alone and completely isolated so that there is no one to interact with him. Similarly there are various types of self-harms, it includes self-harm and self-injury. Self-harm consists of factors like intake of alcohol in larger quantity, smoking or tobacco. The self-injury consists of actions like cutting the nerves, hanging to the fan i.e. all the activities that can lead to death (Stanley, 2013).
  • There are different kind of risk factors that lead to various abuses or harms. The following figure will give an idea about the abuses and harm related to particular risk factor:

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