SIM 335 Managing Projects Assessment

SIM 335 Managing Projects Assessment

Task 2:

London Skills Concern (LSC) is a new and young organization registered as a charity but also with a trading arm which operates across the public and private sector to provide support and guidance for primarily young people seeking work, returning to education or either seeking higher education or training. It also seeks to provide programmes to give independent advice and guidance on careers to school children (which is a legal requirement) and special programmes for young people who are disadvantaged (e.g. young single parent mothers) and those not in education employment or training (NEET). The company’s aim is to be able to collaborate and work with local authorities and the local authorities who are then required to report the numbers of NEET young people to Central Government. There are therefore significant information gathering and reporting requirements.

It has a budget of £8m and support from London donors and well-wisher’s. It also has a number of revenue streams and operates mostly in the Inner London area where youth unemployment is a cause for concern.

SIM 335 Managing Projects AssessmentMost of the activities of the company used to be undertaken in house by local council education departments. Somewhere in the mid-1990’s a separate “Connexions” brand was created with a mix of some in-house provision but also a mix of private sector companies and other social enterprises. Local authorities let contracts spanning several years for the service in their area. Thus there was certainty in income and a relatively good number of clients. In addition, organizations could bid for individual special projects at a central or local government level.

t budgets were severely cut and the requirement to arrange the service largely devolved to individual schools. Local authorities continued to have a role with NEET young people.

London Skills Concern (LSC) is a newly formed initiative by Evening Standard and collaboration of Inner London local authorities.  Its business was mainly local authority responsibility, therefore there is continuing stream of contracts and projects to ensure that the company operates for long term and possible future expansion.  It has new and very experienced workforce and a well thought through business model and initiatives.

London Skills Concern (LSC): Strategic Intent

As part of the new initiative to serve Londoners this projects have been lined up by the organisation to be completed in 18 months’ time.

Task needed:

As a result of the strategy review, London Skills Concern (LSC) has decided to:

 Develop its Information System (IS) to move from a predominantly face to face method of advice provision to a hybrid system involving limited face to face contact and supporting this with the use of social media and on-line use of games based learning and advice to young people. In particular, the EClips product which provides a lot of basic careers and study information is not currently interactive and needs to be integrated into the offering. This system it believes will give it strategic advantage in terms of service offered and cost of providing the service.

You are appointed as project manager for this development. You have a good Project Management and some IT background and have been brought in to London Skills Concern (LSC) because the senior management team have little detailed knowledge of IT, being careers advisors by background. The other organizations involved have agreed that you should manage the project on behalf of them all.

 Note: Remember to apply the 5 key stages in Project Life Cycle

(60% marks)

Assignment presentation and assessment

The answers to both tasks are independent and should be addressed separately.

Task 1 answers to seven questions – (900 words +/- 10%) – completed as an individual task (40%)

 Task 2 a report that is produced for task two (2200 words +/- 10%) – completed as an individual task (60%)

 both tasks should be submitted as one document, which contains both individual tasks.

The criteria for assessing the task two report will be: Report presentation (20%) (12 marks)

The extent to which the assignment represents an effective report. This will be judged on:

Appearance: Is a word count included at the end of the report? Is it within the specified amount? Is the text double spaced?

Structure: Does the report follow the conventions of the format? Does it have a clear introduction, explaining how it answers the questions? Do the sections of the report develop ideas in a logical sequence? Are diagrams or other subsidiary information shown in appendices?

pelling and grammar: Are all words spelled correctly and is the meaning of sentences clear?

Referencing: Have appropriate references been included in the report. Has a recognised referencing system been used for notation? (See relevant section in the Guide to Basic Study Skills)

Use of relevant theory (40%) (24 marks)

Has the right theoretical content been chosen as the basis for answering the questions? Is there evidence of the use of course notes and books? Is the theory that is selected significant to the questions?

Analysis (40%) (24 marks)

This measures the extent to which students develop a structured argument for the points they make, by combining relevant theory with the information provided in the questions.

submitted is subject to the University’s rules and procedures governing infringement of assessment regulations.

Grading Criteria SIM335              Managing Projects          Individual Assignment

First Class (70 – 100%)

A creative and original response to the question. Critically reflecting on perceived theory and experiences. Wide and appropriate use of sources (theory and practice) based on reading and experiences. Answer written fluently, with evidence of a highly developed capacity to structure work systematically and argue logically.

Upper Second Class (60 – 69%)

Comprehensive knowledge of concepts and theories. Appropriate application of theory and experience to the question answered. Ability to inter-relate concepts and ideas. Some originality in approach and awareness of scope and limitations. Answer systematically structured and coherent.

Lower Second Class (50-59%)

Evidence of knowledge of concepts and theories. Attempts to relate and balance theory and practice. Main issues addressed appropriately. Mainstream texts and lecture notes used. Work presented in a structured form but arguments weak in places.

Third Class (40-49%)

Evidence of uncritical knowledge of main concepts and theories. Limited attempts to relate theory and practice relaying on personal opinion or assertions. Limited evidence of reading. Presentation and structure weak in several places.

Fail (0 – 39%)

Some knowledge of main concepts and theory but major omissions and / or misunderstandings. Style and structure weak and overly descriptive. Considerable limitations in ability to perceive the relationship of theory and practice.

Limited reading.

Assessment Regulations

For further information regarding Assessment Regulations, extenuating circumstances or extensions and academic integrity, please refer to your Programme Handbook on the University of Sunderland in London information page on Canvas.

Reading List

Please access your reading list from the library website. To access it, please go to and search for your module.

Submission guidelines

There are currently two steps that you need to follow to ensure that you successfully submit your work for marking. Your submission links will become available approximately 3 weeks prior to your submission deadline, along with detailed instructions on how to submit your assignment, but in the meantime please feel free to also watch this Assignment Submission Instructions video.


You will be marked in accordance to the University of Sunderland assessment criteria attached below. The assessment criteria covers; Relevance, Knowledge, Analysis, Argument and Structure, Critical Evaluation, Presentation, Reference to Literature.

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