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Silverlight is a dynamic computer application for developing and running high level internet applications. Its first application was released in September 2007. It has gone silver light assignment helpunder several modifications since then. That is the main reason why learners find it extremely difficult and unnerving to write Silverlight assignments. Its features keep changing at a rapid rate so it becomes very hard to keep pace with the rapidly modifying applications.

Before moving to the further details of Silverlight assignment writing, let us take a look at the earlier and latest developments of Silverlight application.

The earlier versions of Silverlight application were designed to support streaming media while the newer versions have a focus on multimedia, animations, and graphics.

Silverlight 1:-  This is the very first product in the Silverlight application range and was released in 2007. It had a core presentation framework which enabled user interface, basic user interface control, graphics and animations, interactivity and user input, DRM, DOM, and media playback.

Silverlight 2:-  This version was released in 2008. This version can execute all the programs written in any .NET language.

Silverlight 3:- It was released in March 2009 but its final version was released in July month of the same year. Its main features included DataGrid, DataForm, DataPager for viewing paginated data, and layout panels.

Silverlight Assignment Help

Silverlight 4:- The beta version of Silverlight 4 was released on November 18, 2009 while the final version was unveiled in April 2010. The Silverlight 4 came loaded with new and advanced features which includes enhanced controls, printing, more mouse support, Google Chrome browser support, rendering HTML, webcam and microphone etc.

Silverlight 5:- It came in December 2009 and includes 3D graphics, playback speed controls, remote control, GPU accelerated video decoding, and 64-bit support.

Now, we get that why it is such a big deal to writing assignments on Silverlight. And, what we discussed above is just a glimpse of this ever changing technology, there is lot more to it. Every student face such circumstances where he/she is confused about their academic projects.

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