Select 2 separate products or services or any of the following that you have personal experience with:

2 products, OR 2 services, OR 2 companies, OR 2 institutions, OR 2 venues OR

For example: if you select 2 products, one component must represent what you consider to have a ‘poor’ customer experience and the other component a ‘good’ customer experience.

BIZ104_Assessment Brief1_Reflective essay_Module 2

The aim of essay is to apply CEM concepts in explaining what made one a poor experience and the other a positive one.

Topics to be covered in the essay

  1. Brief introduction:

Provide a brief introduction to each component of your selection, and a brief explanation of your service experience with both.

  1. Body:
  2. Proto-persona diagram (poor experience component):

Use Proto-persona profiles to illustrate yourself relative to the component with poor experience

  1. Identify the 2 most significant “pain” points during this entire process and apply at least 2 key CEM concepts in discussing why this experience was poor.
  • Proto-persona diagram (positive experience organisation):

Use Proto-persona profiles to illustrate yourself relative to the component with positive experience

  1. Discussion of 2 touch and pain points (positive) and application of at least 2 CEM concepts :

Identify the 2 most significant “pain” points during this entire process and apply at least 2 key CEM concepts in discussing why this experience was positive.

  1. Compare and contrast the two experiences to explain why one experience is better than the other.
  2. Brief conclusion

*The 1000 word count applies only to the written discussion (intro, body and conclusion) and does not apply to the information diagrammed in the proto-personas.

*It is essential to make proper reference to the academic sources of the CEM concepts applied using APA referencing methods.

BIZ104_Assessment Brief1_Reflective essay_Module 2   

Learning Rubrics

AssessmentFail (Unacceptable)PassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
Presentation andUnsatisfactory level academicSatisfactory level ofGood, solid level ofGood levelHigh-level academic
academic writingwriting including vocabulary,academic writing.academic writingacademicwriting including
skills; grammar,writing includingvocabulary, writing style.
spelling, language,Work lacks somevocabulary,
flow.Work lacks logical flow and isflow; needsWork flows andwriting style.Impartial language used.
unclear to read.development on usepresents well.Document flows logically
20%of sub-headings,Impartialand is clear to read.
Needs development on use of sub-presentation andInformation islanguage mostly
headings, presentation and flow.flow.mostly relevant andused.Expertly presented; the
succinct.presentation is logical,
Argument lacks supportingInformation isInformation ispersuasive, and well
evidence.mostly relevant andInformation,mostly relevantsupported by evidence,
succinct.arguments andand succinct.demonstrating a clear
evidence are wellflow of ideas and
Information,presented, mostlyInformation,arguments.
arguments andclear flow of ideasarguments and
evidence areand arguments.evidence areEffective use of diverse
presented in a wayvery wellpresentation aids,
that is not alwaysLine of reasoning ispresented; theincluding graphics and
clear and logical.easy to follow.presentation ismulti-media.
logical, clear and
well supported
by evidence.
Referencing &Unsatisfactory use of the APASatisfactory correctGenerally correctMostly CorrectCorrect use of the APA
BIZ104_Assessment Brief1_Reflective essay_Module 2Page 3 of 5

substantiationreferencing system.use of the APAuse of the APAuse of the APAreferencing system.
referencing system.referencing system.referencing
10%In-text citations are used in-system.In-text citations are used
appropriately most of the time.In-text citations areA moderate amountappropriately.
used appropriatelyof mistakes in the in-A few small
Many references missing and/orsome of the time,text referencesmistakes in theNo mistakes in the in-
inappropriately used.although someand/or references or
references missingreferencesbibliography.
A high amount of mistakes in the in-and/orAverage amount ofand/or
text references and/orinappropriatelyquality academicbibliography.Good combination of
bibliography.used.sources and otherseveral high quality
relevant and reliableGoodacademic sources and
Mostly relied on non-academicA moderate amountsources ofcombination ofother relevant and
sources that cannot be verified as aof mistakes in the in-contemporarysome highreliable sources of
dependable source of accuratetext referencesfindings on the topicquality academiccontemporary findings
information (i.e. Wikipedia).and/or bibliography.sources andon the topic
other relevant
Few qualityand reliable
academic sourcessources of
and other relevantcontemporary
and reliable sourcesfindings on the
of contemporarytopic
findings on the topic
Evaluation ofLimited understanding of keyResembles a recallSuccessfullyWellSupports personal
informationconcepts required to support theor summary of keyidentifies anddemonstratedopinion and information
selected tocase study.ideas.summarizes thecapacity tosubstantiated by
support theOften confusesmain issues andexplain andevidence from the
discussionConfuses logic and emotion.personal opinionrelated concepts,apply relevantresearch/course
BIZ104_Assessment Brief1_Reflective essay_Module 2Page 4 of 5

Information taken from reliablewith informationbut does not explainconcepts.materials.
30%sources but without a coherentsubstantiated bywhy/how they are
analysis or synthesis.evidence from theproblems or createCompares andDemonstrates a capacity
research/coursequestionscontraststo explain and apply
materials.viewpoints ofrelevant concepts.
experts on
subject.Identify logical flaws.
Compares and contrasts
viewpoints of experts on
Knowledge andLimited understanding of requiredKnowledge orThoroughHighlyA sophisticated
understandingconcepts and knowledgeunderstanding ofunderstanding ofdevelopedunderstanding of the
the field orthe topic, andunderstandingtopic. Has addressed all
40%Key components of the assignmentdiscipline.demonstrates aof the topic. Hasof the key concepts in
are not addressed.capacity to explainaddressed alldetail and demonstrated
Resembles a recalland apply relevantkey areas of thea capacity to add insight
or summary of keyconcepts. All keyassessment inand further
ideas.areas have beendetail andunderstanding to the
addressed.demonstrated aconcepts explored.
Often confusescapacity to
personal opinionclearly explain
with informationall relevant
substantiated byconcepts.
evidence from the


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