Self – Reflective Analysis

To be a successful leader, we need to develop some key skills and competencies, which promote leadership. In this context, it is also important to assess our own skills and capabilities by using the right assessment tool, which will help us to understand our own strengths and weaknesses (Johns, 2017). Similarly, to identify my own strengths, I have undergone a Gallup psychometric assessment. It is an online assessment tool, which helped me to identify my own strengths, and understand what should be my next step to be a successful leader.

Self – Reflective AnalysisFrom the Gallup psychometric assessment, I have identified my five key strengths, which are as follows:

Harmony – This strength helps me to improve my interpersonal skills. It is because, people who possess this strength, always look for consensus; instead of enjoying conflicts, they seek areas of agreement (Northouse, 2018). Thus, this strength will help me to build positive relationships with others.

Consistency – This strength helps me to improve my execution skills. It is because, being consistent, I am aware of the need for treating people the same. I always try to treat all around me with the same consistency, by setting up clear rules and adhering to them.

Includer – This strength will also contribute to my relationship-building skills, which a leader needs crucially. People, who possess this strength, are accepting by nature. Thus, I always show awareness of those, who feel left out and attempt to include them in the practice, which is often the duty of a leader (Wells & Herie, 2018).

Empathy – This strength will again help me to build strong relationships with others and build trust among others. It will help to understand and value others’ feelings, so that empower them to be involved in a particular task.

Futuristic – A leader must possess this strength, as it is indicating my potential in strategic thinking. A leader is always a strategic thinker and able to identify future opportunities before others. With this strength, I would be able to inspire others with my vision.

Upon gaining my results, I was satisfied, but not surprised; because, I have good self – awareness and I was aware of some of these strengths. Further, I got similar results from my peers and seniors, about my strengths. It helped me to identify my own potential to be a successful leader in the near future. Thus, it made me happy.

Upon identifying my own strengths and competencies, I attempted to identify the areas, where I could utilize these strengths, as well as identify the key areas, where I could improve for enhancing my overall leadership competencies. According to my opinion, a leader must have a range of skills and competencies, within which I got some of these skills and the rest I need to build on (Venturato, 2015). The above strengths mainly highlighted that I am a good relationship builder, a good strategic thinker, and a good executor. All these areas are important for a leader and defining the key roles played by a good leader. However, further, I need to build on my decision making and management skills, which a leader must possess to deal with different situations in the organization.