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After devising a plan on how to gain employment as a Hadoop developer, I came to know that I need some technical knowledge to improve my skills. Initially, I have concentrated on skills like Java and SQL, which are required for a Hadoop developer. As a part of my plan, I have selected a good training institute to get trained. The institute has labs to practice Hadoop.  I inquired about the institute and learned about its ranking and its certification before joining the institute. I chose the instructor who had a capability to clear all of my doubts and he is very friendly with the students.

After selecting the institute, the training was scheduled for 60 days with two hours per day. The training was given to a group of people from different educational backgrounds like computer science, electrical, and also from mechanical. Classes were clear and covered basic topics. I attended the classes daily to be on track with the training. In this training I came to learn about the basic concepts of Java, Java programming, Structured Query Language, Big data, Hadoop concepts, and Hadoop programming.

Thus, I selected an institute that provided me an educational environment and logical thinking.  Then, the training session began according to the planned schedule. I implemented this plan not only to get the overall knowledge in theories of Hadoop, but also the view of planned action research that helped in understanding the dimensions of Hadoop developer role.


As per the plan, I have selected the correct institute with study atmosphere. This institute had many instructors and three instructors teach Hadoop. As I have to get good knowledge of coding, I got trained in Java and SQL first and then I trained in Hadoop.

The training took place for 60 days by Mr. Vivek Meshra, Mr. Srikanth Narayan, and Mr. Ambica Ram. The training started with 10 participants in the class, 5 of which were students with little to no computer background.  The first 30 days of training was clearly explained about the basic concepts and also the programming of Java by Mr. Vivek Meshra. I have thoroughly learned the concepts of Java and also the projects of Java. Later in the weekend, my instructor gave me few questions to answer. I have worked to get the logics for those questions by just practicing and reviewing the notes given by instructor. After getting trained in Java, I wrote a Java certification and I scored well in it.

Secondly, the SQL training took 10 days by Mr. Srikanth Narayan. In first week, I learned about the concepts of SQL, which included the structure and commands (DDL, DML, and DCL).   He used to give daily assignments after discussing the queries in the class. As I am from computer science background, it was a little easy for me to write a query. Later in the second week, I learned about the SQL server and normalization concepts.

 Finally, the last 20 days of training was given by Mr. Ambica Ram. In the first week, I learned the basics of Hadoop like its importance, the main components (HDFS and Mapreduce), and its overview. In the second week, I learned the working of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). In the third week, I learned the abstraction of Mapreduce which included word reduce code, its failures, and recoveries. In the fourth week, the instructor explained the Java Map method, Pig Latin scripts and basics of HiveQL. Thus, after getting trained in an institute, I gained knowledge not in Hadoop, but also in java and SQL.


After the second iteration – the training on the concepts of Java, SQL, Hadoop and the role of a Hadoop developer – there were many observations that came to my mind. As the plan dealt with two agendas, the second one took the major contribution. Moreover, the observations were made for better understanding the concepts of Hadoop.

            The first basic observation was about selecting the institute. This observation was made for training in Hadoop. I observed that the institute should have a lab facility with all the software installed on the computers. I also observed that the institute should provide the Java, SQL and Hadoop training with the respective instructors to become flexible with the Hadoop.

The observation I have made with the instructors is the instructor should be Java certified and should provide the material for Hadoop.

            The second observation was on technical skills of Hadoop. Apart from facilitating the departments, a Hadoop developer mainly deals with writing the reliable and managerial coding, good knowledge of database structures, and back-end programming. Thus, a Hadoop developer should be ready to write Hadoop as well as Java and SQL coding.

The third observation was about training in Hadoop. The training was done in three parts:

  • Java training: The observation I have made from this was to practice the programs and understand the object oriented concepts in Java.
  • SQL training: I observed that the theories, practices, and principles plays a major role in getting knowledge of SQL.
  • Hadoop training: The observation I have made from Hadoop classes was that the Mapreduce, HDFS, and Pig Latin script played a major role in getting skills.

            Finally, the observation I made from this iteration was that gaining the knowledge in each language was an added advantage in the software industry. A Hadoop developer is not expected to master in SQL and Java but a little knowledge of coding is very important.


The second iteration was successful with the goals and also with the scheduled training. On selecting the institute, on-time training schedules, interactive sessions and assignments, this iteration has added one extra feature than the expected outcome. However, selecting an institute helped me in knowing the institute provides some of the Java certifications which were an advantage for me to upload on my resume.

As I have a computer science background, training in Java and SQL was not difficult for me. So, I was able to complete these courses quickly. During my bachelor’s degree, I had core Java and SQL courses. Thus, I trained in Advanced Java, which was very new to me, and also more principles of SQL that were helpful.

As per the planned proposal, the training was expected to be more practical on Hadoop. The Java and SQL seemed to be practical but Hadoop was not that practical as expected. This training opened up a necessity for new tools, which sometimes are required for the Hadoop developer.

However, the second iteration was successful and ended up with an overall understanding of Hadoop, technical requirements like Java, SQL and Hadoop and also some of the certifications of Java, knowledge on some of the tools like Pig, hive that has a flexibility to understand on hierarchy levels.Order Now

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