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With the increase in technology, the security requirements are also increased. The emerging threats to business computer networks face threats such as malware, spyware and intrusion of hackers. It has become mandatory to protect the network security by the means of Managed Security Services as it is considered the most

Security Requirements Assignment Help
Security Requirements

efficient method of defense against such threats. There are several lucrative benefits that are provided by MSSPs are risk mitigation, increased performance of network, less overhead for the staff related to management, proactive and fast resolution of problem and lower costs associated with the managed security services.

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SWOT analysis is referred to as a structured process in order to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that either are effecting or may affect the network in future. This approach is utilized to determine both the internal and external issues which either unfavorable or favorable in order to ensure the overall network security and health. The SWOT analysis of E-Corp is as under:


  • Deployment of High Quality Server
  • Qualified Staff for business transactions
  • High speed data transfer between internal networks.
  • Deployment of quality and costly network hardware.
  • Lack of Network security control
  • Poor network security log management.
  • No penetration testing mechanism.
  • Lack of firewall, IDS/IPS log management.
  • Poor security policies.
  • No Anti-Virus management.
  • Deployment of latest firewall
  • Installation and updating of Anti-Virus
  • Proper network log management
  • Changing network security policies.
  • Integration of IDS/IPS for packet filtering.
  • Hiring Staff for 24/7 for network security management.


  • Easy to intrude into the network.
  • Easy to steal data.
  • Easy to access the management plane of network.
  • Costs related to network security equipment.
  • Lack of threat knowledge in staff.


The company possess the powerful and robust servers along with the staff that the trained to perform the business transactions over the network. The network comprises of powerful data transfer speed for faster data transfer. The company has invested a lot of money in order to ensure the robust network performance.


The attack on the network services shows that the company has less control over network security and this is due to lack of monitoring. The company did not bother to audit the traffic logs in order to determine the culprit that further caused the breach in server. There was no traffic log monitoring, so the company did not adopted the penetration testing mechanism for the prevention of unwanted attacks. The company did not adopted the adequate security policies for server as they were required to be changed according to the security needs.

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The company has several ways to make its network secure, strong and faster than before such as the company can deploy the latest firewalls from companies according to their budget. For instance, Cisco or Juniper both provides powerful firewalls, but the Cisco is considered more costly as compared to Juniper. For company, the monitoring of traffic log is another opportunity as it determines the network flow either coming from legitimate sources or not. The company can use the Intrusion Detection or Intrusion Prevention system so that the threat can be mitigated in no time. The company can hire the services of highly qualified staff to monitor the network performance and security.


The attack on the server shows that the network security is compromised. The network is vulnerable to threats and can be accessed easily to steal or destroy the data. The intruder can easily enter into the management plane without letting staff know about its presences. Furthermore, it might become difficult for the company to deploy the expensive equipments for network security.


To conclude, it is necessary to have the services of managed security service provides i.e. Allsafe in order to ensure that there would no attack on E-corp network. For this purpose, the MSSP would be responsible for security policies, equipments, trainings, staffing and awareness. Allsafe would monitor the network 24/7 to ensure that there is no network downtime and all servers are attack free.

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