SDO401 Programming Principles

Module Code : SDO401
Batch No : CIV-IT-21 / CIV-IT-22


Answer ALL questions.

 Marks will be awarded for good presentation and thoroughness in your approach.

 NO marks will be awarded for the entire assignment if any part of this is found to be copied directly from printed materials or from another student.

 It is recommended that your name and your student number be included in the header or footer of every page of the assignment.

 The assignment should be accompanied by a completed assignment cover sheet.

 There is no need to include the assignment question in your submitted work.

 Written assignments must be correctly referenced and written in acceptable English. Be sure you acknowledge all sources of information in the body of your assignment and supply a reference list at the end.

 Use the APA system referencing style adopted by the College.

 Where appropriate assignments should be prepared using a word-processing package with 12 point font (Times New Roman/ Arial), 1.5 line spacing and page numbering.

 Please ensure that your work has been proofread for spelling and for grammatical construction.

 If you are not clear about the assignment requirements, please contact the subject Lecturer/tutor.

 Keep a copy of each assignment you submit.

 A soft and hard copy of the assignment shall be submitted.

 All assignments will be accepted before 10:00 pm on the submission date. Those assignments submitted within 4 days after the due date, will have a 5% marks deduction per day, from the total marks for that assignment. Thereafter, no assignments will be accepted.


A1. Onboard College academic statements that will display if a student is pass or fail in his exam. (50% or more is pass). If the student is Pass than your program should display which letter the student has obtained. [15]

 90% or more E for excellent
 80% or more but less than 90% O for Outstanding
 65% or more but less than 80% G for good
 Less than 65% S for satisfactory

If the student is below 50% marks your program should display “Fail.”

A2. Sun solution has a hardware club that awards points to its customers based on the number of laptop purchased each month. The points are awarded as follows: [15]

 If a customer purchases 0 laptop, 0 points are earned.
 If a customer purchases 1 laptop, 5 points are earned.
 If a customer purchases 2 laptop, 10 points are earned.
 If a customer purchases 3 laptop, 15 points are earned.
 If a customer purchases 4 or more laptop, 30 points are earned.

Write a program that asks the user to enter the number of laptop that customer has purchased this month and then display the number of points awarded.

A3. The Maldivian Ferry Shipping Company charges the following rates: Weight of Package (in Kilograms) Rate per 1000 Miles shipped

 2 Kg or less Rf 2.25
 Over 2 Kg but not more than 6 Kg Rf 4.25
 Over 6 Kg but not more than 10 Kg Rf 5.00
 Over 10 Kg but not more than 20 Kg Rf 6.10

Write a program that asks for the weight of the package and the distance it is to be shipped, and then displays the charges.

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