Part A– Project Planning

1. Business Overview – explain the background of the chosen business scenario

The MT Albert Football Club is offering club services to the football players. It is an international football club in New Zealand that provides advanced services to football players. The main aim of MT Albert Football Club is to assist football players to feel comfortable. The club organization has stated a separate membership approach for its members. The card is issued to the selected football players, staff members, and other employees of the club. This card membership program not only increases the security measure of the club but also assists in collecting the required amount of information. The new database design system has been used in MT Albert Football Club to maintain an effective data record of all the staff members and players in the club.

Database design system

Sample Second IT ProjectThis database design system is the advanced system used in the club to properly classify all the collected data by using separate heading and subheading. The design drawing, table, and chart will be used to portray the collected data in the system. This database design system will assist MT Albert Football Club to increase the overall security measures by designing a separate IT program. It will help the management of MT Albert Football Club to create a separate user name and unique ID of the concerned person (Hogan, 2018).

2. Business requirements – list the client’s requirements

There is a below-given list which reflects the list of client’s requirement.

Arrangement of IT experts:  MT Albert Football Club needs to hire proficient IT experts in the process team to design database system (Nashat, & Amer, (2018).

with the club.

Database table: This database table is accompanied by the primary and relative keys which reflect the key details about the associated persons such as their names, ranking, and players scores.

SQL Server- The SQL server is the main part of the database system which will assist MT Albert Football Club to directly collect the data from the various sources. It also assists the management of MT Albert Football Club to modify and change the gathered data as per their wish (Eastman, 2018).

Program testing-The program testing will use all the primary and relative keys to reveals the hidden information. This testing will run with the support of the QRL server used in the database system to pull the data.

Exporting data from the database-:The import and export of data are the features available in the database management system. It would be done through the QRL query method. It will assist MT Albert Football Club in direct import and export data from the database system for the clients.

Easy flow of information- This database system will assist in the easy flow of information in MT Albert Football Club and also helps in assessing the player’s details in an effective manner.

These above-given features will make this database system more attractive and assist in satisfying the player’s needs and demand in an efficient manner.

3. Expected Project Outcomes – list your project deliverables

There are several expected project outcomes that MT Albert Football Club would have from the undertaken project. However, the project outcomes could be defined as intangible and tangible benefits. If the benefits come in terms of cash inflow and other seen benefits then it will be tangible benefits. On the other hand, intangible benefits will increase the satisfaction level of players in the club (Nashat&Amer, 2018).

Ideally, if there is find any issue and problems at the time of undertaking of the new project, then the prior efforts should be made to eliminate those issues at the initial level. The main purpose of this new project is to increase the overall security measures and promote the MT Albert Football Club for the better storage and security of the collected data. In the starting, users need to prepare a list of possible outcomes such as increased security programs, the confidentiality of the data, and ease of the existing process. MT Albert Football Club could find several benefits from the undertaken project which are given as below (Hogan, 2018).

1- High storage of data in a database system: This database system will assist MT Albert Football Club to gather data of employees, staff members, and players. The auto-updating feature will also provide up-to-date information about all the associated persons of the club.

2- ER diagram based data system: This system focuses on the implementation of the ER diagram which will help in pulling query from the system and reveal the hidden data.

3- Applications and designed software: The database system will be accompanied by several software and application. It will assist in saving data from the ill-intentioned persons.

4- ER design and drawing:  This feature will assist in setting the direct connection with all the stakeholders.

5- Technical interpretation- This new project will assist all the concerned persons to understand all the key technical terms in an easy and determined approach (Coury & Semmel, (2018).

4. Technical and administrative details – the description should cover the following – DBMS software used, storage, backup, and recovery plans

DBMS software’s framework:

Data Storage– The newly design database system should have high space to keep the data store in its drive. With the increasing number of files and pictures and information, MT Albert Football Club need to use a database system that could keep a high amount of data saved in the system (Malhotra, et al. 2018)

Backup: It is the safety measure program that will assist MT Albert Football Club to keep the data safe and secure. This method will help in keeping the data secure at more than two places. It is required to keep the data safe at another place. It helps in taking the back up of one file from another place if one folder is destroyed.

Secure methods– The use of software and Anti software application in the database system will assist in safe and secure data in an efficient manner.

However, MT Albert Football Club could also use some other advanced software to support its DBMS system to make it more effective (Smidt, Thornton, & Ghorbani, 2018).

Part B – Database Design

1. ER Diagram including primary key, foreign key, cardinality, and constraints

2. Relational schemas – state the relational schemas and specify the normal forms the schema satisfies

Relational Schema of Mt Albert Football Club:


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