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Module 1: Safety

Safety Specialty Assignment Help critical care of the patient is the upmost preferences must be given in hospital. It must be managed by the intersecting and ensuring competency operating equipment, providing high quality care of the sickest patient and nursing need staff members for working in a traumatic environment. There is one or more two critical cares is handling by few hospital, they simultaneously focus on the delivery of the patient safely.

There are several main roles in nurturing patient safety in the intensive care unit environment. There are strategies of handling the traumatic environment in the ICU.

  • Support and promotes culture and safety activities.
  • The structure of the operation theater in which ICU patients care is directed and managed by specialized physicians in critical issue.
  • Ensuring the environment supports the ability of caregivers to perform medical intervention and medical operating equipment safety. Safety Specialty Assignment Help

Safely delivery of patient is the upmost spotlight during the operation in the ICU. ICU collaboration is requires knowledge of constituency of the ICU team. It is a self-organized team, which expands accordingly to the situation requirement. The core term is not only to nurse, therapist, respiratory, and physician and it also includes other disciplines such as social interaction, dietitians, and physical therapists. It is a root of ownership and trade of commodities, being specialized knowledge, technical skills, equipment, and the patient. Effective communication is the essential function among the caregivers. If there is a lack of coordination among the physician and caretaker can predictive poor outcomes for patients.

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Health care acquired infection is an infection a person while getting treated for a medical condition. It is an onset infection, predominantly includes urinary tract, bloodstream, and lung, and is costly and common substantial morbidity. Infection can be controlled by adopting several approaches guided by patient safety adherents. It should be done a root analysis for eliminating infection. On set infection can implicate reason to cause of death. The safety of the patient can be learning from the traditional movement of infection. A case of a 78 year old man with lung cancer who died after developing hospital onset infection during hospitalized for elective removal of a cerebella metastasis.

Patient can be infected by error in medicine or receive right medicine but in wrong manner or dosage. It is uniformly very common at the time of the treatment in the hospital. There are several error cases, such as, wrong dose with right medicine given, in wrong manner medicine was taken, or wrong medicine is given.

Wrong site surgery means operation was done in wrong site of the body or on the wrong person. It is a very rare cases performed by the physician. Resubmission of the patient within 30 days of discharge may lead many factor of readmission of the patient, such as poor quality care, time gap between the provider and the care setting. as for links nursing assignment help

A patient safety initiative was more successful in improving the environment in which culture safety exist.  Safety accompaniment in an ICU environment, in which staff is part of the team and respect the information given by the patient as a feedback. Absent of a culture during the safety, individual except safety implementation in ICU Operation Theater. Safety culture should be started from Operation Theater, in order to conduct assessment with critical care and will affect patient safety. All the perceptions and precaution of a leadership communication must be undertaken for patient’s safety (Shostek. K, 2007). A committee must be form and formed the task force with critical care for improving patient safety. Staffing and adequate equipment and educated nurse’s necessary for delivery high quality ICU care.

Module 2: Confidentiality

The term confidential means protecting the right of information under the data Protection Act 1998.when someone goes to doctor, or hospital, record is kept. Record includes details such as Name, Age, Address, Contact Details, and Birth of Date. Record also contains the detail of the treatment taken from the doctor. It is one of the core duties of medical practice. It helps the provider to keep the record of his personal health care details for future help. It is routine information shared by the provider with health care provider. There must be a trust environment created for privacy of the patient documents. Hospital or clinics are bound to keep the record confidential clauses in their contacts. It is referred as an ethical and legal principle. It is a duty of the hospital or clinic to preserve the document for professional purpose. They are abiding to follow Medical Council guidance, which includes perseverance of patient document. There are some exceptions circumstances, where permissible to disclose the information about the patient to the third party. Disclosure of patient’s consent, which fulfils the information required for disclosure of information of the patients, sharing the information with the member of the clinical team, complying with a court order. also that for kinks finance assignment help

The values of ethic clash with the medical team. The goal is to recognize the value of different parties based on the best blend (Academia and the profession, 2002). The ethical decisions about the delivery, caring and patient support in planning and providing safety care to patient. There are six ethical values followed by medical team, firstly respects for the person, secondly beneficence, thirdly avoid harming someone else, fourthly justice among the people, fifthly veracity and lastly remain faithful to one who commit. These principles are the guides for the nurse for making ethical decision. Ethical concern is the responsibility of the nurse ensuring patients care is upmost. There are legal implications of nursing practice tied with state, licensure and federal laws and public expectation regarding nurse practice at a high professional standard. There is framework provided to nurses for providing service to patient. Hospital and clinicians’ has responsible to prevent the information of the patient with potential privacy codes and ethics. An ethical dilemma is surrounded by the privacy and control the electronic information to resolve. Ethical issue in healthcare need instant responses, such decision must be made for patients, who are not able to do so, or can involve the extend care.

The consequence of not maintaining confidentiality legally and ethically is failed to respect the patient autonomy. An action was taken for damages against the person, whose information was disclosed. A proceeding under the health professional’s regulatory statue. The consequences of disclosing the information of the patient to the third parties is imposing contravention of a statutory duty of confidence. A health professional has a duty to maintain the confidentiality of all the information provided to them about the patients. The duty is to protect the information created directly or indirectly about the patient. The most obvious result of breaching of confidentiality is termination. A patient can sue the clinic or hospital for disclosing the information to the third party without any consent of his (Institute for Healthcare Improvement). The extreme circumstances in breaching the confidentiality can be criminal charges against the employee of the hospital. As per the study of the last few years, the record of confidentiality breach in healthcare or clinical does not occur frequently. The checklist by the observer includes the records of the hours and the days spent in the medical department, such information can be breached by the hospital while analyzing the records of the incidents.

Module 3: Reflection

Health services entrust to provide safe and secure environment service to the patient. Hospital security arrangements keep staff, visitor, and patient safe from appropriate behavior. The safety of the patients and visitor is in the high range of security measures, includes duress alarms, or CCTV cameras for maintaining control over the system and staff members. There were arrangements of protecting the interest of the patient and the visitor. There must have some following principle for health organization to achieve the goal. There must be a well established health management system. They must build a feedback team for improving the health services. Medical errors might occur in different health care setting and those errors occurs in hospitals can have serious consequences (Community Eye Health, 2002). The entire team members are considered as a caregiver in the hospital. The relation of the caretaker and the caregiver is based on the healing process.

Care of the patient can be modified based on the treatment given to him. Knowledge and information regarding the treatment is freely shared among the patient, physicians, and the caregiver. Patient safety is the prior importance for the health organization. There must be transparency among the patient and doctor regarding the rules of the organization. visit links statistics Assignment Help

A core tenet of the patient is under the control of the health organization. After discharge of the patient, there are still under the control of the organization. The medical aspect of the patient can be better understood by the healthcare provider. Improvement of the patient is the vibrant process and uppermost is the medical care. For the health organization paying attention towards the each patient is the upmost important goal. Health organization needs to upgrade their technology for improving the procedure of the treatment given to the patient. The main object of the organization is high degree of patient satisfaction.

The significances of the caretaker are his patience towards handling the patient and high level of attentiveness towards the patients. They must take an active part in improving the health care team. There must be coordination among the each staff of the organization. They should appoint a social worker, who can help in many other ways around. Caregivers are given many tasks to perform such as handling of the bills, insurances issues.

Advances directions are the legal binding instruction for appointing physician for high level diseases cases. The physician must evaluate the patient condition deeply and discuses with the respective physician about the case. The caregiver has to be trained accordingly by other care faculty. The entire team makes an effect for improving the health system and discharged the priority towards the patient. All the staff must know their role to play in the organization. The priority is to provide satisfaction to the patient from the service given to him. The system must be of advances techniques with good quality of cost recovery. The feedback of the patient must be taken seriously for improving the health organization. The medicine must be used proper and adequate.


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