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An Overview on Robot Gripper Design Project Assignment Help

A gripper is a mechanism that enables robots to properly lift and hold objects. The grippers, in conjunction with industrial robot arms, assist producers in automating activities such as inspection, assembly, and picking and placing items. A gripper can be compared to a human hand that performs a variety of tasks such as material handling, stacking, and handling various industrial environment products.

Gripper Footprint

It is one of the most important aspects to consider during the gripper design process since it defines the amount of space available to grasp objects without hindrance.

Power Types

The gripper actuation is driven by a variety of power sources, including pneumatic and electric power chevaliers. Compressed air is used to drive a cylinder mechanism inside the gripper body, which then converts the motion into efficient jaw movements. Because pressurised air is readily available and has a simple on-off action, pneumatic grippers are commonly employed in industrial settings.

Electric grippers, on the other hand, employ servos and other sorts of motors to operate their jaws effectively. These motors are particularly useful in situations where compressed air is scarce. Electric grippers, on the other hand, frequently seek external controllers and power-related equipment to make operation and programming easier.

Gripper Sizing

It is also critical for the grasping system’s safety and functionality. It is critical to assist smaller gripping sizes when moving objects at a higher speed. On the other hand, having enough room in the gripper to retain the objects for the duration of the motion is critical.


The gripper style affects maintenance, and you should pay attention to it for the system’s longevity and efficient operation. You should oil the grippers to protect them from wear and strain and to keep the moving parts of the grippers clean. The gripper’s lifespan rating is also improved by proper maintenance.

The Types of Robot Grippers

Servo-electric grippers, two-finger grippers, three-finger grippers, and pneumatic grippers are examples of robot grippers. Both an electric motor and a controller are included in the servo-electric grippers. The controller sends out a signal that can be used to generate force, position, or even the robot’s speed.

Two-Finger Grippers

A two-finger gripper is commonly seen in production units and is excellent for carrying out our smaller tasks. However, such grippers are not very adaptable to various forms and sizes.

Three-Finger Grippers

The three-finger grippers have three jaws in the centre that keep the goods in place. They’re best for round or cylindrical items.

Pneumatic Grippers

Pneumatic grippers differ from electric grippers in that they use compressed air and pistons. It requires a constant supply of air, which causes the gripper to grab the things. When the pressure is released, the grippers open and the things fall out.

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