This is a solution of Road Design and Construction Assignment part 2 in which we discuss this course project represents a case study selected for a distressed road.

Road Design and Construction Assignment part 2

 Road Design and Construction Assignment part 2

Maintenance/Rehabilitation Plan

First of all, there is a need to plan for the detour or alternatives which are subsequently followed by the repairing contractors for free road usage during the phase of construction. There is a need to inform people living in the close proximity for the purpose of maintenance. An apology letter will be useful which conveys regrets related to the noise and disturbances taking place due to the process of construction maintenance. All in all, the work is segmented in two major components as the road has some junctions along with two lanes. This kind of division can allow drivers to use the road during the process of maintenance. There is a need to place warning signs along with warning lights to avoid any accident at night. People will be conveyed the information related to the start and end of the construction. They will be told about the time when the road is ready for normal use along with the general labour working hours. One of the relaxing features about the road is that it has wider space on the road side which provides it good alternative road width (Highway Maintenance – Road Maintenance, 2014). There are two maintenance plans for the distresses observed in this area and their pictorial representation is given in the appendix provided below.

Comparison and Contrast with International Cases

One of the good examples is related to Swansea, UK where road maintenance project was executed in the city in the March, 2011. There are few similarities related to distresses for the projects chosen the current project and this project carried out in UK. UK project was based upon crack sealing and joint sealing procedures it was a part of the improvement programme making sure that the project has the maximized durability and minimal disruption.
The required road repair solution is described on the basis if proven composition and processes for repairing cracks along with fretted joints. These repairs were required for effective utilization of footways as well as carriageways. To rectify this problem, they used concept of cold and hot mixes. During the cold mix, they cleaned the pothole and removed the standing water as well as the loose debris. They also laid the cold mixture into the potholes followed by the compacting of the cold mix material.
On the other hand, hot mix followed a different set of procedures as:-
1.Pothole cutting
2.Removal of the wastage from the hole through jackhammer
3.Spraying of the tack oil over the pothole
4.Placement of the hot mix into the pothole while putting it in layers
5.Compacting the material (Case Study: road repair – joint and crack repairs, 2014)
There is a similar plan for maintenance that is carried out on the selected road. However, here only hot mx is applicable due to the hot and humid weather conditions of Dubai. On the other hand, Topeka roads had an upper hand due to favourable weather conditions providing them flexibility for making an economically-viable road.


There are few recommendations for effective maintenance of the road in the future:-
•There is a need to maintain the road on a regular basis as it forms huge user risk on this specific road
•There should be scheduled road checking for preventing any road material loss. However, some problems are simply out of the hands but regular road checking slows the process of distress formation.
•There is a need to keep a regular check upon the budget and climatic conditions so that effective method of routine maintenance is applied.
•There should be no usage of the cold mix in the potholes
•Full depth reconstruction should be used for filling up alligator and block cracks
•Grinding method should be used for maintaining the surface texture loss


This case study is based upon the different types of distress found on the road present in Al Khawanij. I started the research by discussing the identified problems along with problems so that an effective maintenance plan is available. For providing the alternatives, AutoCad drawings were used. A comparison study was also carried out so that the current methodologies followed for road maintenance in UAE are assessed in comparison to the maintenance strategies followed in USA. Most of the graphics were well-elaborated in the case study to satisfy the criteria of visual project management and making it simple for people to understand. All in all, every type of distress was identified and a solution plan was provided for the same. I felt good about the project as I managed to learn a lot of aspects related to the construction project maintenance. Moreover, this project provides services for the humanity which makes me believe more in myself and this world created by the God.


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