This is a solution of Road Design and Construction Assignment part 1 in which we discuss this course project represents a case study selected for a distressed road.

Road Design and Construction Assignment part 1


We have the course of Road design and construction in the 1st semester of the 4th years in civil engineering. This step comes after the previously renowned course called Highway design. This course project represents a case study selected for a distressed road. During the 2nd week, we were supposed to pick a road at any random place of the entire UAE while capturing certain photos depicting the failure of the road. The road was supposed to have minimum 3 failures and it was supposed to be at least 300m in length. We selected a road located in Al Khawanij and it was around 2 kilometres long. Thereafter, we were supposed to produce an AutoCad drawing in the next week which illustrates the road distress. Till the end of the 5th week, we were able to draw the road cross-section on the AutoCad. A small research was carried out for identifying the causes of distresses along with their procedure for treatment. After the end of the AutoCad tasks, we produced a drawing of the alternatives or the detour capable of providing simple and less disturbing motion to vehicles during the road maintenance. There were two drawings depicting the road alternatives that were maintained throughout the research.

Road Design and Construction Assignment part 1General Causes to Pavement Damage

When it comes to pavement damage, there are two kinds of damages. First of all, functional pavement distress occurs when the exact qualifications for the road are not met. It occurs when this road is designed for a specific purpose and for some types of cars but more types of vehicles begins using it. Secondly, structural pavement failure occurs when there is a failure of the road features delaying the vehicular movement. Pot holes are good examples of these kinds of failures. There are different causes affecting the road pavement but they are risky for the road construction simply making it very valuable. There are many kinds of road pavement damages along with the reason for their occurrence. These are:-
1.Usage of the road: road overloading by heavy trucks easily deteriorates the road if its purpose is not fit for taking the heavy tons
2.Climate: hot weather and humidity are main reasons and it occurs due to poor quality drainage.
3.Poor materials: Using poor or unsuitable materials leads to damage
4.Need for maintenance: It happens when the road is constructed while keeping the procedural cracks for maintenance in mind. It damages the shoulder (U.S. Department of Transportation, 1999).

Failures and their Causes

A small and local road located near farms in the Al Khawanij, is selected for analysing the road failure. This road is constructed in the residential region and it is a bit far from farms present over there. This road is around 2 km long. I analysed that various types of distresses were repeated throughout the long road. Most of these distresses will be discussed in this case study. There are four types of failures that were detected on site and these failures are Pot Holes, Alligator cracks, Surface texture loss and Block cracks. For proper understanding of the road, a location map is provided below taken from the Google Maps.
1.Pot Holes: Pot holes are represented in the form of sharp edged holes that lead to road penetration while varying in a wide assortment of sizes. This type of failure takes place due to the absence of asphalt. It can be mended by taking corrective and preventive measurements related to the subsurface concerns.
2.Alligator cracks: All these cracks are created in the polygon form where it goes with the path of the wheel. There are various factors that lead to these types of cracks but most prevalent of them are the binder brittleness and ageing. To mend it, there is a need to fully reconstruct the road.
3.Surface texture loss: The surface texture of the road is lost under those conditions where poor asphalt is used. It also conveys other information showing that there is the presence of more aggregate in the road than the binder itself. Poor mix design is one of the major failures. As a solution, aggregate surface can be grinded for levelling the mixture of asphalt and aggregate. Secondly, overlaying increased degree of asphalt is helpful (Distress Identification Manual, 2003).

List of Alternative Treatments

When it comes provide different procedures for the treatment of distresses; there is a need to understand that it depends upon different aspects like the condition, budget and width of the road. However, repairing contractor of the project management company has the final take upon decisions. These kinds of treatments provide flexibility to people where they can reduce the time, save costs and attain economically viable solutions for the same. The aforementioned distresses can be treated with below mentioned alternative which are:-
1.Potholes: Potholes are mended by patching the cold or hot mix. Hot mix is usable during the spring and summer seasons. On the other hand, the col mix is used in stringent cold weather. However, both the alternatives follow similar process for the treatment.
2.Surface texture loss: It can be mended by grinding process where a cleaning layer is applied over the damaged surface. Moreover, the application of a thin layer is also useful.
3.Alligator cracks: These cracks can also be mended by two alternatives where first of all filling and sealing process will be helpful. On the other hand, full depth reconstruction is also applicable as it was applicable in case of the block cracks.

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