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After briefly analyzing my proposal on January 30th, 2015, I came to know that smart work and analytical thinking are required to get a job as a Hadoop developer. My initial plan was to research on Hadoop with the help of internet and referring articles. Finding different journal articles, books, and magazines helped to understand the Hadoop developer and its roles and responsibilities. As a part of my research, I examined the Hadoop developer pay scale and its position in the market.

Primarily, the research was scheduled for 3 days and it was an hour session per day. The research of books and journals took about a day and the time taken for internet research and articles was about two hours. I have studied the Hadoop for dummies book to get the basic knowledge about Hadoop. I used as my search engine. On February 13th, I searched the following:

  1. Skills required for Hadoop developer
  2. Career growth in Hadoop
  3. Average salary for Hadoop
  4. Future scope in Hadoop

The search resulted in many web pages, of which I selected just a few. I analyzed and understood these processes to get the best results to know about Hadoop. Later, I filtered the processes and found the best process which met my requirement. Thus, the online research and research on books and journals helps me in understanding the Hadoop developer’s role and also helped me to gain knowledge in Hadoop programming.


As a part of my plan, the research took three complete days. It took two complete days to review books and journals just to know the future scope as a Hadoop developer. The articles about Hadoop showed me its current position in market and also the roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop developer.  Secondly, I searched about the Hadoop developer and it directed me to the below link.
the search resulted in 399,000 entries. Since this was too many entities to review, I just filtered these results according to my requirement and analyzed the best processes for my research. The results of my search gave me an idea of what is needed to get trained in Hadoop.

I reviewed these websites and discovered that programming knowledge, self-assessment, and smart work are required for a person to become a Hadoop developer. All these websites suggested learning java to get the programming skills to become a Hadoop developer. These websites showed me the use of Hadoop for “big data” analytics, which is one of the hottest fields in information system today.  Is Hadoop Now Easy to Use?  Clearly explained the need for Support to keep systems up and running for mission critical clusters. I feel that the basic understanding of distributed systems, file system design and java knowledge are required to become a java developer.


The websites and articles that I have selected were good and helped me by giving useful suggestions in getting a job. The primary and basic observations were the roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop developer. The articles that helped me in getting information about Hadoop are “TOM’S IT Pro real-world business technology”. Among the websites that I have filtered, I felt one website is very useful for me: Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop.

These websites gave me a clear idea of what is Hadoop and the skills required for being a Hadoop developer.These articles and websites have answered all of my questions about Hadoop like:

  • How is the career growth in Hadoop?
  • What are the prerequisites for Hadoop?
  • Is Java and SQL required to learn Hadoop?
  • What are the best ways to learn Hadoop?
  • From where should I begin training in Hadoop?

From the questions answered by SAP HANA staff, I observed that I have to put some efforts to get trained according to the skills that are required. I know the best way to learn Hadoop after getting the answers to these questions. I have analyzed and understood my strengths and weakness to improve my skills so that I am able to know how good I am in a particular language and how well I have to get trained in clearing the interview.

The third observation was on the managerial requirements for Hadoop that typically enables the basic concepts of Hadoop. Although Hadoop does not require the models, most of the organizations prefer the agile method, as it doesn’t have any specified process.

Finally, I have observed that the technical requirement for Hadoop is java and SQL. It requires both the core and advanced java programming to learn Hadoop. It also requires almost all the concepts SQL like queries, triggers, and cursors.


After going through the plan, action and observation, this iteration was very successful in achieving my goals and it is completed as per the scheduled time. Performing the actions on time was very important to get a job. Getting a job is not an easy task. Critical thinking, self-assessment, and smart working are required. I have to practice how to speak confidently to face the interview. I believe that I am smart worker and I have critical thinking to solve the problems easily. I feel that in my first iteration, I gave a plan and I was executed according to the plan.

With the previous background of bachelors in computer science, I have basic knowledge on java and SQL.  Because of my inexperience, I am worried about getting a job as a Hadoop developer. However, online research helped me discover that there is no experience required for a Hadoop developer. As I am a fast learner, I can able to learn concepts of Hadoop very quickly.

The first iteration concluded with the roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop developer, various managerial skills (like agile method), skills required for a Hadoop developer, career growth in Hadoop, prerequisites for Hadoop developer and also the technical requirements like Java and SQL, which are necessary before getting trained in Hadoop. Order Now

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