This is a solution of Research on Development Project Assignment Help in which we discuss the problems started with the idea of cost cutting without taking precautionary measures or sudden developments in the projects.

Research on Development Project Assignment HelpResearch on Development Project Assignment Help addition, the research found the problems started with the idea of cost cutting without taking precautionary measures or sudden developments in the projects. Moreover, the blame game within the parties also affect the situation,” Success has thousand fathers, but failure has no father”.

Research on Development Project Assignment Help a whole, analyzing the top two causes which make the process of planning and scheduling by the project contractor, shows that these are, delay in the funding and unclear tasks for the contractor. Moreover, the second cause in the rating is related to the professional administration officials due to two reasons and they are preventing opportunities to train and preventing lucrative salaries or delay to pay their salaries leading to leave the staff having experience. Analyzing the last two causes gives the causes for them being in the bottom. Bad weather conditions in the workplace is not possible since the weather in Saudi Arabia is more or less predictable hot in the summer and warm in the winter with little raining which can be neglected. So, the weather is a minor cause. On the other hand, change in government regulation of the country cannot change law of countries overnight. Especially in Saudi Arabia, rules do not change easily, because that this reason also in the bottom. Actually, it is the last cause in the list.

Research on Development Project Assignment Help After identifying the causes, the research will look into the the impact of this delay.

Research on Development Project Assignment Help The Impact of delay

Overview: Research on Development Project Assignment Help top two impacts from delay are dispute between the construction parties since each party blames others that lead to judicial trials which will delay or stop the project. Secondly, exceeding the scheduled time of the project leads to significant losing of money and effort.

Research on Development Project Assignment Help Avoiding delay

Analyzing the top two solutions we can say to avoid the delay, financial support from the contractor is very important since it spreads enthusiasm between labors to give the best in the work. On the other hand, it reduces conflict between labors. Moreover, the second cause in the rate is Special manager to oversee the process of work lead to: On the one hand, the direct supervision of the work increases the speed of completion. On the other hand, Know the details of work and weaknesses and strengthen them in a timely manner, also strengths to continue.

Research on Development Project Assignment Help Interviews

Interviews revealed some secrets that were hidden such as :

  • How the causes of delay happen
  • What are impacts of the delay on projects?
  • Some ways to avoid the delay of projects.

 Chapter five: Research on Development Project Assignment Help Summary and Recommendation

The Summary

An attempt has been made to find radical solutions to the causes of delay in construction projects, through the implementation of some of these solutions in different places such as Jordan, Malaysia, China, as well as some companies in Saudi Arabia, which follow the modern methods of accelerating time delivery of the project. This study attempts to identify the main causes of delay taking into account the implications of this delay in construction projects. However, all parties point finger at each other and delegate the responsibility and blame when there is some delay leads to failure. While all parties must understand that this delay is due to failure of all, all parties has some responsibility to share. They should put their hands together and face this challenge. In addition, in the event of any delay, source of problem must be discovered and some solutions has to be taken to do away with this problem for the promotion of the construction industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, this research has also found some solutions that will speed up the work on the project

The Recommendations:

Through this research, some recommendations will be given that may help in the development work and accelerate the delivery of projects on time. These recommendations are for the three main partners of work in the following order:

  • Contractors: Research on Development Project Assignment Help found that the major responsibility of delayed projects is contractors, due to poor recruits and their negligence in the work order. First of all, they must study the tender raised for the project very well and know their capabilities and abilities from the beginning, both in terms of economic or technical. Secondly, planning and organizing the work schedule correctly, through the appointment of staff with experience in working which helps them to predictions, expectations of good work and also helps analyzing address the sudden problems both in terms of economic or technical. Last but not least, young staff training and give them the opportunity to deal and learn from the experience staff to be able to develop their skills and accelerate the delivery of projects on time.
  • Owners: They should set goals from the beginning and develop the clear vision of time, effort and the required quality of the work before allow any projects to tender or requests any works. Secondly, the surprise changes have to be avoided in orders or in the work. Last but not least, ensuring the finance of the project in an orderly manner has to be done and permissions from the source about the financial payment ha to be taken and explain the payment schedule in an orderly manner before signing the contract, because they must pay the funding on time to continue the work on a regular basis.
  • Consultants: In Research on Development Project Assignment Help First of all, the consultants should develop technical and industrial performance, effectively and efficiently through constant review of the project and attend training programs. Indeed, these programs should include the training of some aspects such as style and methods of project planning, control the time and cost, use of databases ,use the information systems, project management effectively, quality management, risk management and using the modern newest methods in the industrial market. Last but not least, the contractor follow-up step-by-step owners and contractors. Also, coordinate between all parties quickly to avoid dispute may delay the wheel of the workflow.
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