Research Methodology Assignment Help

Research Methodology Assignment Help

4. Research Methodology

4.1 Introduction

In the current chapter, researcher tries to carry on research in a right way by presenting research methodologies in a detailed way. Researcher here shows the methods adopted for the research, discusses the major differences between sparsely somatotroph adenomas and densely somatotroph adenomas in order to give proper information at the time of making decisions for providing treatment. This chapter of the dissertation also lays down the type of investigations which has helped in achieving the objective of the research along with relevant justifications. The methods of collecting data, analysis process and ethical consideration is also mentioned in this chapter.

4.2 Types of Investigation

Research Methodology Assignment HelpResearchers usually try to follow three philosophies of positivism, realism and interpretative. In the words of Bergh and Ketchen (2009, p.12), the term positivism can be defined as analysis of the given problems with reference to the facts and the truths available whereas in accordance with Cooper and Schindler (2010, p.23), interpretivism can be defined as the analysis of the problems on the basis of the perception of people. As suggested by Toloie-Eshlaghy et al. (2011, p.106), realism can be stated as the way through which the analysis is done in accordance with reality. However, in the research, the researcher has chosen positivism as it helps the problems to be solved in a correct manner.

In case of approaches, researchers usually follow two type of approaches – the deductive approach and the inductive approach to address the problems. According to Cameron (2009, p.140), in the deductive approach, data is usually generated with the help of the existing theories whereas in the case of the inductive approach, theory is evolved from the available data. The researcher has used deductive approach to address the problems faced in the research. The data given in the research has been collected from the theories mentioned in the above part of the chapter of the research. Further, as the research is cross sectional one, it is mandatory to adopt deductive research in order to accomplish the work in scheduled time frame.

Three types of design are usually used by the researcher to address the problem arose in the research. In the words of Truscott et al. (2010, p.317), the descriptive style addresses both the sides of the problem and analyses it critically. The exploratory design explores the topic but  fails to analyse it in details. Whereas the explanatory method explains the problem but doesn’t analyses it critically. Hence in the research, the researcher has used, the descriptive design to explain the problem in detail and analyse it.

Using the methods the researcher has addressed the problem in an efficient manner and led the research in the correct path.

4.3 Research Strategy

Usually there are three types of research strategies which the researcher follows to carry on with the research in the correct direction. Case study, focus group and survey are the three techniques through which the research can be taken forward. In the case study information is collected with the help of the existing books and journals. Good amount of authentic data is collected from them. Focus groups  gives information which are helpful, however they give their own views which can be wrong at times. Survey strategy also helps but in this particular problem survey could not help the researcher with the problems. The researcher has followed the case study method in the research because this method had helped the researcher in collecting relevant data to establish the problem in the research. A wide analysis of the data is done with the help of the case study.

4.4 Data Collection Process

There are two types of methods which researcher use to to collect data in order to carry on the research in the bright direction. However in the research, the researcher has used secondary method to analyse the problem found in the research. With the help of the secondary method, information is collected from different books, articles and journals. Relevant and apt data is found from the books and the journals. The primary method is not used by the researcher because the data collected from the research would not be sufficient to address the problem. Hence, the researcher found it apt to use the secondary method.

4.5 Data Analysis Plan

Brannen (2009, p.8) mentioned that the data analysis plan facilitates in deriving an effective subject based interpretation. Herein, in the absence of the primary data collection, the researcher planned to analyse the subject based on the secondary viewpoint. In other words, the researcher have interpreted the subject from an analytical viewpoint post which inferences would be derived herein. The used method is considered to help in attaining best approach in data collection and analysis. The chances of attaining authentic conclusion is thus multiplied. In this particular research work, after collection of the dataset, relevant themes have been identified. Further, these themes have been analysed in order to identify the clinical, pathological and molecular differences between densely and sparsely somatotroph adenomas. Therefore, the research has opted for qualitative data analysis.

4.6 Research outline:

In order to accomplish this research, journal articles and case studies in between the period of 2000-2015 have been selected as current research advancement have been able to shed much light on the concerned subject. Search terms used for obtaining articles were somatotroph adenomas, dense somatotroph adenoma, sparse somatotroph adenoma, difference between dense and sparse somatotroph adenoma, genetic expression, clinical and molecular differences between densely and sparsely somatotroph adenomas.

Further, the articles have been selected from medical search engines such as PubMed, NCBI, Embase and Web of Science. Besides, to select the articles specific inclusion and exclusion criteria have been considered. Inclusion criteria encompasses publication year, which is in between 2000 to 2015, publication name, relevant to the concept of somatotroph adenoma, depicting differences between densely and sparsely somatotroph adenoma etc. Articles presenting meta analysis and primary research have been given most emphasis to select the journals.

Search termsSomatotroph adenomas,

Dense somatotroph adenoma,

Sparse somatotroph adenoma,

Difference between dense and sparse somatotroph adenoma,

Genetic expression of somatotroph adenoma

Clinical and molecular differences between densely and sparsely somatotroph adenomas

Search enginesNCBI

Web of Science



Timeline2000 – 2015
Inclusion criteriaTimeline

Relevance of data

Primary research

Meta analysis

Molecular and genetic basis

Exclusion criteriaNewspapers and personal documents such as diaries

Lack validity and generalisability

Review articles


Case Studies

Journal typesPeer reviewed

International publications

Table 1: Secondary research elements and details

(Source: Created by Author)

On the other hand, exclusion criteria include articles from newspapers and personal documents such as diaries etc. Further, journals with improper referencing and acknowledgement were also excluded from the research as they lack validity and generalisability of the presented dataset. Review papers had also been excluded from the study, however, review articles references have been screened for obtaining more primary research sources.

4.8 Research design:

Research Methodology Assignment Help

Figure 1: Research design

(Source: Created by Author)

4.7 Ethical Consideration

While carrying out the research, the researcher needs to maintain certain ethical considerations. The information that has been collected from the journals, books and articles, are authentic and they have not been manipulated for any purpose. The information is applicable in the present context and has helped to draw a conclusion for the entire research study. The original informations are presented in the crude form. The information sources which has been referred to in order to receive information, are authentic and relevant with the current problem identified in the research. The secondary data has helped to address the relevant topic.

4.8 Time Frame

Research Methodology Assignment Help

(Source: self-developed)Table 2: Gantt chart

4.9 Summary

The chapter has analysed the several paradigms that is being used for suiting the research subject. In other words, the provided justification for the current choice is deemed to help in meeting the objectives and deriving effective study based conclusions.

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