Research And Evaluate A Suitable Company

Research And Evaluate A Suitable Company

1.1 research and evaluate a suitable company

CriteriaCompany 1Company 2Company 3Company 4Local shop/bar/restaurant
Type of job
Technical skills expected
Soft skills expectedGood time management

Good problem solving skills


Research And Evaluate A Suitable Company

Rating of the companyReasons
Company 3
Company 1
Local shop

1.2 proposal web design / CV

Job TitleWeb design
Soft skills
Technical skills
Brief introduction to your self
Reason for the work experience
Future plan
Supervisors: roles and responsibilities of academic and industrial mentors

Proposal for database /CV

Job TitleDatabase
Soft skills
Technical skills
Brief introduction to your self
Reason for the work experience
Future plan
Supervisors: roles and responsibilities of academic and industrial mentors
  • Research And Evaluate A Suitable Company

  • Select a proposal for email to employers / Communicate with employers
  • Your final agreed proposal
  • 1.3 recognise the business constraints on the work experience offered
Business constraintsExplanations ( Citations and reference required )How I will manage?
need to be fully trained,
adherence to quality systems
health and safety considerations
supervision time,
customer satisfaction
limited staffing
cost of materials

Identify a suitable job title

  • Prepare a job duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Apply MoSCoW to arrange the duties based on priorities of the task
  • the categories are typically understood as:[3]

Must have

  • Research And Evaluate A Suitable CompanyRequirements labeled as Must have are critical to the current delivery time box in order for it to be a success. If even one Must haverequirement is not included, the project delivery should be considered a failure (note: requirements can be downgraded from Must have, by agreement with all relevant stakeholders; for example, when new requirements are deemed more important). MUST can also be considered an acronym for the Minimum Usable SubseT.

Should have

  • Requirements labeled as Should have are important but not necessary for delivery in the current delivery timebox. While Should haverequirements can be as important as Must have, they are often not as time-critical or there may be another way to satisfy the requirement, so that it can be held back until a future delivery time box.

Could have

  • Requirements labeled as could have are desirable but not necessary, and could improve user experience or customer satisfaction for little development cost. These will typically be included if time and resources permit.

Won’t have (this time)

  • Requirements labeled as won’t have been agreed by stakeholders as the least-critical, lowest-payback items, or not appropriate at that time. As a result, won’t have requirements are not planned into the schedule for the next delivery time box. Won’t haverequirements are either dropped or reconsidered for inclusion in a later time box. (Note: occasionally the term would like to have is used; however, that usage is incorrect, as this last priority is clearly stating something is outside the scope of delivery).
  • Duties
  1. Writing and editing content
  2. Designing webpage layout
  3. Determining technical requirements
  4. Updating websites
  5. Creating back up files
  6. Solving code problems
  7. Fundamentals of design imaging
  8. Basic web design
  9. Animation
  10. Multimedia design
  11. Content management
  12. Editing for video and audio
  13. Multimedia programming and technology

Application of MoSCoW rules 

Tasks Must Should Could WouldReason reasons for rationalisation of the order of tasks.
1 Writing and editing content  1.Writing and editing content First it is required to create web pages not the contents.
2 Designing webpage layout2 Designing webpage layout    
11.Content management  11.Content management  
5.Creating back up files   5.Creating back up files
  • I have agreed the listed duties to undertake as a part of my work experience for fulfil the requirement of the Work Base Experience module.
  • Sign by the student                     Sign by the manager           sign by the academic supervisor
  • 2.2 produced a plan for work experience – 3 weeks
  1. Develop detailed plan with schedule of tasks
  1. Proposed dates for reviews
  1. Expected input from supervisors

Duties- Week 1 

Day Time Activities End of week self-evaluation Managers review date Action plan and expected date of completion Review of action points Supervisor review date  Action and review dates
Monday10-1Updating websites- please specify your task


2-5Basic web design-

·         Interview the team

·         Study the current web

·         Draft a home page

·         Research on web sites

2.3 analyse the benefits of the proposed activities 

Benefits to business

Benefits to learner

Benefits to businessExplanation with citations and referencing Benefits to learnerExplanation with citations and referencing
allowing more routine tasksunderstanding

how a business operates

allowing procedures/techniques to be developedunderstanding importance of teamwork


learning new techniques
identifying cost saving measuresdevelopment of problem-solving skills
development of time-management skills

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