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As a journalist for the news agency it is one of the requirements to be precise, specific and prudent when writing about a company, its profile and assessing the cultural importance for the company. This task would be a combination of all these attributes needed to be an business editor of a organization.
Company which is identified for this assignment is Argos which is a British catalogue retailer company and it is a subsidiary of the Home Retail group. It retails primarily home accessories, toys, clothing, sports accessories, jewelry and watches etc. company has a website with online sales portal as well. link of the company website is The main USP (unique selling point) for Argos is the easier shopping environment it creates for its customers. With the provision of multi-channel shopping, the company has established itself and aims at providing the best value for money to its consumers (Clancy, et. al 2000).


Argos With its strong roots in the UK and sales of around £4.2 billion (as per February, 2016), the company can now look at exploring new market opportunities in other countries. It has a wide network of stores all over UK and serves more than 130 million customers on an annual basis. Being a part of the Home Retail Group, the company has established its position in the offline and the online digital products market and is continuously growing. The major categories of products offered by the firm are technology, home and garden, baby and nursery, toys, health and beauty, clothing and jewellery and watches. (Argos, 2016).
Company Objective and Expectations: The main aim of the company here is globalization, as it renders several benefits to a firm in terms of revenues, growth and brand positioning.
Existing foreign market involvement: The Company is currently only operating in UK and hence has no foreign market involvement as of now.
Structure and hierarchy:- Since Argos is dealing in a large number of products and product categories and they have an organizational structure that is divided product wise because it becomes easier to manage each and every product and give the best of output with respect to all the divisions, i.e. marketing, finance, production etc. (Kuprenas, 2003).
Human Resources:- according to company website there are currently 55000 employees in the company which are under the Argos subsidiary.
Nature and Power of Competition: Argos has strong competition in the market, as there are some players in the market that provides complete solutions to home needs as Argos. Competition primary are from companies namely Comet, ASDA, Tesco, Nakumatt and Uchumi.
Strategy: Since Argos already has several numerous competitors, it makes sure that it provides better products at lower costs so that the consumers can get attracted. It ensures that its prices are lower than by at least 5% as compared to its competitors, Even for products where the prices cannot be reduced lower than that of the competitors, the company must make sure that it matches the price with that of the competitor.


An organization’s culture can be productive and progressive if a line manager keeps the diversified team working in coordination and resolving any conflicts in a suitable and acceptable manner with no biases towards any particular party. Leading and managing team is an additional challenge a manager faces while performing his duties.
Development of a universal work culture even with the input of different employees with different working style is also a part of manager’s job role. Different employee have different working pattern to achieve goal, and it is difficult to decide one particular way to success. A concoction of different methods can be successfully implemented to achieve organizational goals. Management of organizational culture through conflict resolution can also be discussed as a method adopted by the line managers of organization (Montana, 2008, p.152).
Management of a diversified organizational team is also a part of the line manager’s job and it is a very critical activity in management of organization’s culture. A team is a formed group of different individuals, with same or different characteristic attributes, traits, and colour, creed and gender differences. In recent times managing people comes with different package of problems. Different team members may be living in different corners, and tried to come and be cited as a team, which was cited as a result or as a deduction on newly challenged changes have seen. Having the right culture with open communication, conflict resolution strategies and transparent policies in performance measurement would help a line manager in meeting their goals and objectives efficiently. A line manager is also required to play the dual role of a leader in the organization. They have certain traits and characteristics which make them stand alone. A line manager meets challenges in each step while performing certain duties and responsibilities and difficulties in accomplishing the task, as his role is to get the job done by others, by utilizing minimum resource and time.
Technological advancement has reduced the need to meet on a regular basis to talk about the advancement in work. The task of a leader gets magnified since he is not limited to share the knowledge and communicate it to team members, but a leader is someone who transforms an employee into an asset, who actually starts developing a new platform of open communication where knowledge sharing, and information handling is coordinated and yet well restricted to have the access to the desired destinations only. This is something beyond the routine communication model, and here the whole approach about how to get a job done is getting changed and revolutionized (Lishchenko, et al. 2011).


In a workplace it is important that there is a two way of communication between the managers and the staff members so that staff members can also become part of the decision making process. Employee voice is the most important tool to empower an employee through which he can communicate with the company’s management. If this channel of communication between employee and organization is broken then there would be a certain level of ambiguity between parties which will lead towards mistrust and non alignment of personal goals and objectives with the company goals and objectives. Timely and effective communication is the core of growth and success for any service providing company or industry. The communication includes all forms of internal, as well as external communication. Internal communication refers to the communication within the organization and external communication means communication with consumers. Failure of external communication dilutes the brand value of the company and disrupts its operations, distribution and consumer services handling. In addition to the customers, the company must also have effective communication system with its employees and other shareholders, including vendors and suppliers. The lack of communication between the service provider and its internal and external stakeholders can limit its growth. For the Argos to continue its growth and development, it needs to have an effective communication system. The employees should be completely aware of the services and benefits offered by the robust internal communication (Lunenberg, 2012).

  1. First technology which is identified as very useful for the internal communication is to have an internal emailing system. Company e mail system is a non specific e mailing system where anyone can use the services by signing up as a member. There are a few globally known mail service providers like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc which provides customized solution as well. Once sign up part is done then a user can access to their e mail box by using id and password form anywhere in the world. It can be accessed through computers, hand held devices, smart phones etc and primarily it is using IMAP4 and POP3 protocols for usage from all devices. Documents, messages, general discussions and instructions can be shared over e mails. One of the biggest advantage of e mail is that it is free of cost, it is real time in nature and it can be secured against any external intrusion or data theft through some security measures. For example an additional spam and virus filter were added in the corporate systems of many companies and every mail which is received and sent to is now compulsorily passed through the spam filters and antivirus gauntlets.
  2. Cloud Computing is the latest technology which is used by companies for its global communication. In this system entire work of the company remains on virtual servers and it can be accessed by the authorized users from any internet connected computer. Cloud computing is one of the latest trends which is becoming a part companies and it is observed that with usage of cloud computing as technology threat perception and level both dropped dramatically. However this security would be only against data transmission and illegal access, but it won’t be helpful in data usage and its scanning done by the service providers like G mail which is using it for commercial purposes (Lee, 2013).

In conclusion it can be said that Argos has a huge scope of expanding into the international market because of its affinity to attract investment and because of its developing nature. Hence, the place, price, product and promotions for the company have been identified and proposed. With the help of the correct organization structure and sound logistics and supply chain integration, Argos can definitely launch and execute project of launching in new markets with utmost success and high returns.


Clancy, Kevin J.; Peter C. Kriegafsd (2000). Counter intuitive Marketing. The Free Press. Pp.555-656.

Kuprenas, J.A. (2003), Implementation and performance of a matrix organization structure, International Journal of Project Management, vol.21, no.51-62.Order Now

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