Regulatory Framework– Regulatory framework is that in which there is some rules and regulation through the legislation is regulated legal framework- the legal framework is that in which there is the body of rules which control the decision making an agreement, laws, etc. so, as the travel and tourism sector is increased day by day then for the proper functioning of the travel industry there is need of a regulatory framework. For the regulation and controlling of the tour and travel industry, there are various legislation is laid down. There is a proper legal framework like HSE, HSC, etc.

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Development of tourism act 1969-Regulatory Framework

  • This act is established for the regulation and control of tour and travel industry in UK.
  • It deals with the tourism field.
  • This act help in establishing the British tourist authority and tourist boards for England, Scotland and wales.
  • Their authority and boards are responsible for the development and progress of tour and travel industry in Great Britain.
  • They also provide funds for the establishment of new hotels and also reconstruct and also made alteration in the existing hotels which have been taken from the public fund.

The bodies of regulatory framework are.

  1. Health and safety at work act 1974.
  2. Health and safety commission
  3. ABTA
  4. Air travel operators licensing
  5. Civil aviation authority
  6. Strategic rail authority
    • health and safety at work act 1974
  7. Health and safety at work act 1974 is the single piece of legislation in the UK which deals with the health and safety of the employees at the workplace.
  8. The main aim of health and safety at work act 1974 is to protect the employees from any hazardous work at the workplace.
  9. The act regulation is regulated by the health and safety executive with the local authorities.
  10. There are various provisions which are laid down in the different act. Which is related the health and safety of the workers at the workplace.
  • health and safety commission
  1. Health and safety commission is established through the health and safety the work act 1974.
  2. The commission is also deal the provisions of the health and safety at work 1974.
  3. The commission comprises Upload Your Assignment
  • One chairman
  • Six and nine other member
  1. Appointment- the commission members are appointed by the state secretary
  2. The health and safety commission is merged with the health and safety educative on 1 April 2008.
  • ABTA –
  1. ABTA is known as the association of British travel agents.
  2. This is indulges in last 60 years which help in holidaymakers that from the travel by working get high professional standard.
  3. There are 22 travel companies in 1950 but it has been increased by the 5000 travel agencies and more 900 tour operation which is widely spread in British Isles. Upload Your Assignment

Function of ABTA-

  • They provide such scheme through the financial protection has been gives.
  • The standard is also raises because they provide guidance on maintenance of health and safety.
  • They offer a course of redress to the consumer if any- thing is done wrong.


  • ATOL is the air travel botanizerslicensing.
  • ATOL is the kind of proof that in which there is certificate which shows you that holiday which is booked by the tourist in protected by the scheme of ATOL. Thus it includes-
  1. What is protected under ATOL
  2. Who is covered or not.
  3. The company name which provide protection. Upload Your Assignment
  • Any travel company who want the sell the air travel tickets or holidays the tour operator must have to take the license from ATOL.
  • ATOL provides the damages , or also refunds the money of the tourist if they find that the tourist suffer any loss due to the airline services and if there is any cancellation of flights then they will arrange another flights for the tourist.
  • Civil aviation authority-
  1. Civil aviation authority is responsible for the passenger who suffer from air transport there safety in the U.K.
  2. The civil aviation authority is the agency of government so it is overseen by the environment transport department and regions.
  3. Civil aviation authority represents the consumer interest in front of the consumer

Protection group.


  1. SRR is the strategic rail authority.
  2. SRR is the non-department body in U.K.
  3. SRR was set up by the transport act 2000 and it came into existence in Feb 2001.
  4. This act provides the direction to the railway sector.
  5. The main aim of this is that British railway properly run and delivered. Upload Your Assignment

2.2 Transport act1985 –

  1. A) Transport act 1985 is amending the laws in which the provision is relating to that tourist who travel through road transport.
  2. b) Transport act provides the operation of the national bus company has been transferred to the public sector.
  3. c) There are various road service likening which is abolished.
  4. d) There is traffic commissar in which any person be appointed for each stearic traffic area.
  5. e) And there are also new provision which is established for the disabled person and other purpose.

Rail passengers- Rail passenger also have some rights which are laid down in the act. These rights are provided only the travellers who travel through the railway. The rights which are granted these are-

  • Passenger has right to know about the information which is related to the fair, timing and other relevant information which is needed before the journey.
  • During journey passenger have right that if they are any delay in the time.
  • Disabled person also get various rights like reservation in railway and other.
  • The passenger have right to get compensation if there is any cancellation of the rail. Upload Your Assignment
  • The passenger suffers any loss damage then they have right to got compensation.

Air transport regulation- air transport regulation is that which protect the passenger during journey. There are various regulation which deal with the protection of passenger if there any delayed cancellation or suffers any loss, damages due to the air transport.

Warsaw convention1929-

  1. Under Warsaw convention the main aim is to protect the passenger journey. When they travelling through air transport.
  2. In this carriage is under the obligation of the compensation of any loss is suffered by the passenger during journey.
  3. But the measure of damages is depending upon the invention of the carriage if there is no intention that amount of damages is loss.

Athens conventions- it is related to the passenger’s carriage and their luggage which is travel through sea. If any loss, damage is suffered by the tourist then it is the duty of case of the carriage to protect the luggage but if suffers then carriage will pay damages and it is measured on intentions. Upload Your Assignment

Montreal conference 1999- this convention replaced the Warsaw convention and it is come into existence on November 4, 2003. It also provides the compensation to the passengers.

Denied boarding compensation scheme 1997- this scheme protect the passenger who using air transport. If any delayed or cancelled of the airline then denied boarding protect the passenger from the loss suffers.

Sea and waterway regulation- The regulation no 1177/2010 which is related to sea and waterways transport. It applies on-

  • Passenger who travelled through the ferry the embankment is situated in the territory of the member state.
  • Use the cruise in which embankment is situated outside the territory of the member states.
  • Passengers who travelled through the ferry service the point of embankment is not situated in the territory of the member state. Upload Your Assignment

2.1 Many people are travelling ever year oversea and they expect that they travel safety throughout the world. So, the travel industry first priority must be health and safety of the individual during the journey. In the workplace there are various hazards which have the risk of accident. Under legislation both employers and employees have some responsibility against each other. The employers have to take necessary steps for the protection of the employees. Employees also report to the employers about any hazard for reducing any accident various provisions are laid down for the health and safety and the person who suffered the damages then get right to claim compensation. In UK if any act is done which is against the provisions of the legislation then it will be a criminal act and if any accident is happen in the workplace then employer must have to pay the compensation Upload Your Assignment

Health and safety executive

  1. Health and safety executive laid down various duties upon the both employers and employees.
  2. It provides the guidance which has been used for controlling the risk in the workplace.
  3. It is the national one independent watch day for the health and safety of workers at the workplace.
    Regulatory framework
    Regulatory framework
  4. This is the non-departmental public body which has been sponsored by works & pension department.
  5. The headquarter of health and safety executive in Liverpool, England
  6. It encourages providing training for safety at the work.
  7. Employer is under the obligation to maintain the safe environment for the employees at the workplace.

Health and safety at work- employer duties

  1. Health and safety is to be properly maintained by the employers.
  2. The employee must have maintained a first-aid facility at the workplace.
  3. There should be proper training is given to the employees.
  4. Protective cloth should be provided.
  5. Proper lightening is provided for the working.
  6. Proper maintain clean drinking water &urinals which is proper cleaned.
  7. Any accident is suffer by the employees at the workplace the employer is responsible.

Employee’s duties

  • Employees must have to report if there is any circumstance is raise that any accident is happened.
  • He should use the protective cloth while working,
  • Make cooperation with the health and safety policy of the company.
  • Take proper training of health and safety.
  • Any other steps which is necessary.

Health and safety commission

  1. It is the non-departmental body in U.K.
  2. It is responsible for the health and safety at work.
  3. They are created under the health and safety at work etc.act1974.
  4. This act has only three option which they issue when the rules and regulation is not forward by a thump
  5. Proper guidance should be given
  6. There is an approved code of practice Upload Your Assignment
  7. And regulation

The regulation which is necessary to communicate for the health and safety

  1. Employees is informed by the employers all the regulation of health & safety
  2. There should be written health and safety safeguard if the staff member is 5 or more than 5
  3. Proper training and should provide by copy of health and safety for each and every new employees.
  4. Should proper notice of no smoking and other Upload Your Assignment

Occupier liability act 1984- the occupier is responsible against the person who is not visitors.

Data protection act 1988- data protection act 1988 is that in which the company is under obligation to protect the personal data of the consumer. Company take the information of consumer when they buying some goods from the company. Company should not use the information for any other purpose which is proscribed other company is liable.

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