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What is Radiotherapy?

When we hear the word “radiotherapy,” the word “cancer” immediately comes to mind. For decades, radiotherapy has been viewed purely as a cancer treatment. It can, however, be used to treat auto-immune illnesses, thyroid dysfunction, blood disorders, and other malignant growths!

How does it Work?

To eliminate the renegade tissue, the therapy uses waves of radiation such as light or heat. A beam of radiation, for example, is directed at malignant tissue to destroy tumour cells and reduce the tumour. Chemotherapy involves the use of high-energy ionising radiation. Ionizing radiation should only be administered by qualified and licenced health care personnel because it can be lethal if used improperly.

Scientists are unsure of the exact method of action, but we do know that ionising radiation damages DNA and causes cell death. As a result, it slows or even stops the growth of cancer cells!

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Common Side-Effects of Radiation Therapy For Cancer

Radiation therapy, despite being the gold standard for cancer treatment, has some horrible adverse effects! Radiation therapy, as previously stated, works by utilising high-energy ionising radiation. The purpose of this high-energy radiation is to break down the cells’ DNA. As a result, it can induce enough DNA damage in nearby cells to cause a cascade of mutations in the DNA of cells across the body!

Some of the most frequent long-term and short-term negative effects of radiation therapy are listed below!

Side Effects in the Short Term!

Radiation therapy’s short-term negative effects differ depending on which part of the body is exposed to radiation.

Aside from these negative impacts. According to studies, patients who receive radiation therapy may experience anxiety and sadness as a result of their treatment. As a result, counselling services should be made available to people who stand a good possibility of benefiting from therapy.

Radiation Therapy for Cancer Long-Term Side Effects!

The treatment site has an impact on long-term negative effects.

These Include:

Myocardial Infarction
Pneumonia is radiation crosses through lungs
Lymphedema and Thyroid issues if radiation crosses thyroid gland
Early menopause and hormonal imbalance
Carcinoma after receiving higher doses of radiation.

By fine-tuning the course of treatment, the doctor can manage and minimise the long-term negative effects of radiation therapy!

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External beam

This sort of radiation is quite widely available! An external source delivers ionising radiation on the target region as part of the therapy.

Doctors, on the other hand, prefer to use internal radiation or brachytherapy for cancers that are deep inside the body.

Internal radiation therapy

Internal radiation therapy is injecting a radioactive substance into the tumour or near the tumor’s location. The radioactive material should theoretically release ionising radiation capable of destroying the tumour.

This is sometimes referred to as Brachytherapy, and it entails the placement of radioactive material near the malignant location. Permanent or temporary implants are available. Drinking or eating a radioactive substance is another method of radiation therapy. Radioactive substances are injected intravenously into leukaemia patients.

Internal therapy’s main goal, on the other hand, is to dramatically minimise the amount of fresh tissue exposed to ionising radiation. Healthcare providers can precisely inject small amounts of radiation at the cancer spot by targeting small doses of radioactive material inside the body. In some complex cases of brain cancer, for example, doctors may choose to inject radioactive fluid into the tumour using an extremely small and flexible needle.

Radiation Therapy for Cancer: Factors That Influence Its Use

The size, shape, and depth of the tumor
Location and vicinity of the tumor with vital organs
Age and overall health of a person
Underlying conditions and sensitivity

Radiation Therapist Job description

Radiotherapists, in general, employ advanced gear and instruments to find and treat carcinoma and tumour locations. To provide the best care for the patient, radiologists collaborate closely with oncologists. Oncologists use radiotherapists to view and examine tumours. As a result, they aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer.

Duties of a Radiotherapist

Aside from giving radiation dosages, radiotherapists must also keep track of their patients’ data. They should, for example, maintain track of the frequency, results, the afflicted area, and the radiation doses utilised during therapy. They operate the instruments and instruct patients on how to follow the instructions in order to get radiation with the greatest accuracy.

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