Raba asked 4 years ago

i have send order and they take my money but they do not send me the order !!!  Do you steal people\’s money? I should to receive my order yesterday night  before 8:59 I ask to do All students are required to select and submit their best 5 electronically online via Blackboard, by Monday 23 October at 8:59pm 2. Join your 5 WISs together into one file , include an individual cover sheet and submit online at the submission link in Blackboard 3. You are allowed to write about the improvements on your WISs as result of your tutor feedback but you must highlight in the returned WISs and reference the changes. This should be included in your 1 page summary 4. This is not the opportunity for a complete re-write, amendments must be simple, single sentence, updates to your existing WISs. Wholesale changes including the introduction of new impact points, extended paragraphs will be disregarded in assessment