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What will be the desired outcome for this individual?

Q1:   In order to ensure that Denis is cared for in the residential care home, explain how principles of support are applicable to his care. [AC1.1]

Q2:   Analyse benefits of using a person centred approach for Denis. [AC1.3]

Q3.   Analyse how social processes such as isolation and exclusion, marginalisation impact on users of health and social care services? [AC3.2]

Higher Grading Descriptors

To achieve Merit M3- In case study 1, you need to show logical and coherent arguments on the importance of adhering to a person centred approach with service users are justified.

Unit 2 : Principles of Health & Social Care (A/Brief)Aug 20166

Task 2 – Case Study 2

Mr Arthur is a senior member of staff whose job is to monitor and review health and safety at work. At the medication round in the evening, the night staff nurse realises a particular resident has not had his epilepsy-control drugs at all that day. This is the third time that this has happened while Mr Arthur was on duty.

Q4:   Outline  the  procedures  for  protecting  clients,  patients,  and  colleagues  from  harm[AC1.2]

THINK: The health care procedures used in care homes on whistle blowing, how should nurse react to this situation? Has abuse occurred? What action would you take with Mr Arthur if you were a manager to ensure protection clients/ patients from harm?

Unit 2 : Principles of Health & Social Care (A/Brief)Aug 20167

Task 3 – Case Study 3

Mrs Helen is a 20-year-old, pregnant, Black Hispanic female presented to the Emergency Department (ED) in critical condition following a single-vehicle car accident. She exhibited signs and symptoms of internal bleeding and was advised to have a blood transfusion and emergency surgery in an attempt to save her and the fetus. She refused to accept blood or blood products and rejected the surgery as well due to her religious belief as being a Jehovah Witness.

Q5:   From this case study, explain your understanding of ethical dilemmas /conflict that has risen in providing care and supporting Mrs Helen. Ensure you comment on how health, safety and security maybe addressed. [AC 1.4]

Q6. In the case study evaluate the effectiveness of interpersonal working and in other health and social care context. [AC3.3]

Higher Grading Descriptor

To achieve Distinction D1– Self-criticism has been generate and justify your conclusions on ethical dilemmas and conflict that may arise when providing care, support and protection to users of health and social care services.

To achieve Distinction D3- Self-evaluation has taken place in the understanding of working partnership in safeguarding of service users in health and social care.