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What is Flood Preparedness

What is Flood Preparedness? Introduction Flood preparedness is the ability to anticipate and plan for the aftermath that comes with flooding. Flooding in itself is a disaster that has continued to torment the human race over many years. Floods are very natural and occur due to a mass of water or mud flowing to a low altitude area. As it is in most cases, the cause of large streams of flowing water or mud is always heavy rainfall. Rain is not the only contributor, other natural causes such as tidal rise, rising rivers and dam failures have been recorded in the past. The catastrophic effect of floods has made governments and non-governmental agencies to look at ways of protecting the general public from the bad consequences that come with flooding. Some of the ways that have been used by the national governement include warning the public in advance of an upcoming flood, coming up with evacuation plans, providing relief food and developing emergency procedures. To ensure that the public is fully equipped, the government goes on overdrive to fund agencies involved in such efforts. As much as this is done, there are key matters that the flood preparedness teams that must check to achieve a seamless operation. The chain of command within the team must be fully understood together with its emergency functions and equipment. By doing so, the communication channel is efficient from the top management down to the staff helping out on the ground. Modern technology equipment on the other hand makes the rescue efforts quick and efficient. For a full understanding of the causes, impact and preparedness of deluging; this article will focus on Boynton Beach Flooding. Case Study Boynton Beach is located in Palm Beach County within Florida in the United States. The beach has a population of well over 68,000. Being in a coastal area, the place experiences heavy rainfall. In January 10, 2014, the area experienced torrential rain along the coastline. The torrent happened within a 24-hour period that started Thursday 8 a.m. to Friday 8 in the morning. The flood was totally attributed to the day-long rains that had hit the area. It was recorded by the local authorities that the ground was soaked to height of up to 23 inches. This heavy rain came with disasters since it was reported that a lady had passed on after the car she was driving was submerged in the area. Another reported case was that of a man who drowned in a flooded ditch along one of the main roads. The death reports were according to WPTV-TV. After the flood hitting the area on Thursday, the National Weather Service asked all schools within the area to close as a means of averting more disaster. The roads were also closed to prevent public from endangering their lives. In spite of the grave consequences that were associated with the Boynton County flooding, the local authorities were fully in charge. Flood control structures had been put in the area to collect the waste water and direct it to the close water bodies. One such structure was the C-16 canal that stretches all the way to Delray Beach. The C-15 canal on the other side helped in dumping water to the Lake Worth lagoon. With such facilities in place, it was far much easier to control the flood and reduce the mortality rate. The local citizenry have also been taken through safety measures to help them when such calamities strike. Just like residential houses, businesses were also affected by the January 10 flood. However insurance bodies National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in liaison with the local authorities helped the affected businesses.