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Usability of website Report and Referencing


You are required to carry out secondary research on a specific topic for your award using the University’s Learning Centre resources, with the objective of writing a short report on your findings. Your sources must be correctly cited and referenced.You must select and write an INDIVIDUAL report on one of the topics below. 1. What can be done to improve usability of a website?  2. How does testing improve software quality?To do this you should: Research your topic using secondary academic sources available from the UoW Learning Centre. · Analyse your findings from your secondary research to identify the issues relevant to your topic. · Discuss your findings in your own words in your report, explaining the relevance to your chosen topic. ·   Correctly reference and cite any sources used in your report using the Harvard Referencing System. The report should be 1200 words in length and it should be presented in report format. Please state your word count at the end of your report. The main objectives of this task is to demonstrate your ability to carry out effective secondary research using academic quality resources, to discuss the results of your findings in your own words and to properly reference your work. Your report should adequately demonstrate these skills. Your use of correctly referenced citations will have a major impact on your grade.It is expected that you will use the UoW Learning Centre Resources for your research. The range of sourcesavailable is considerable and you would be expected to include traditional ones, such as books, journals, newspapers and magazines, and other sources including electronic ones using the UoW Learning Centre online resources (e.g. databases, e-journals, e-books etc.). If appropriate, visual and audio sources should also be included.  If necessary, you may also use the internet for your research. However research using sources entirely from the internet is not acceptable for this assignment and your work will be marked down accordingly.   Please note you should concentrate your research on sources of Academic quality.  You must not copy from your sources word for word, but interpret the information given and put it in your own words. You will not be marked down for poor background knowledge of the topic area.However, in order to complete this task effectively you are expected to carry out research using a wide range of resources to provide you with sufficient knowledge of the topic to enable you to complete the report. Harvard referencing must be correctly used throughout the report. You will be marked down for a purely descriptive approach in your report. Description is important in setting the scene, but even more important is your analysis and discussion of your secondary research findings.The report must include a full References List and a BibliographyYou must use the Harvard Referencing system to correctly cite your sources in your report and to give full reference details of the sources in your Reference list.  Portfolio Task 2 – Group PresentationDEADLINE:  Friday 19th December 2014.   Please see the note below for submission details.In groups of 3 or 4 you are required to research and analyse the employability skills required for either an Application Developer or Web Site Developer and produce a group presentation that covers the following: What skills and experience is typically required. Use the resources from Careers, Enterprise & The Workplace website at link below and summarise the opportunities, workshops and resources available to help you develop your employability skills Use the website for useful links to undertake psychometric tests to determine your skills/type and summarise your findings as a group and as an individual. Research questions that a candidate is likely to be asked at an interview for your chosen job role. Once questions have been identified, consider appropriate responses. Construct questions a candidate may want to ask the interviewer.    To complete the presentation you will need a title slide, one introductory slide, at least one slide for each of the tasks above and a final summary slide.Your group will be required to deliver a 10 minute presentation on the above in teaching weeks 11 or 12. Although this is a group assignment, all INDIVIDUALS are expected to take an active part in the presentation. Your presentation should demonstrate your findings and conclusions from the activities 1-4 above. Supporting information should be recorded in the ‘Notes’ area of the presentation slides.Please Note: The title slide should include the following information i. Job Title (Application Developer or Web Site Developer)  ii.  Module code and name iii. Tutor group iv.      Student group number v. Student name   vi. Student numbers