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Systems Life Cycle Processe

Your task is to consider the contents of :- ·         Nicholas  & Steyn ·         AS/NZS 15288:2013 Systems engineering – Systems life cycle processes ·         Full Final Report from the National Commission on the BP Deep water Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore       Drilling ·         Chapter 5 : Overarching Failures of Management of the Chief Counsels report  from the National  Commission on                 the BP Deep water Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore  Drilling. ·         Other materials as you feel appropriate. Then you must write an essay describing how you consider these contents address the questions posed above and that explain the relevance of systems  thinking to a project and an organization  by using the theories and ideas related to : ·         General systems management ·         Organizational forms ·         Portfolio alignment ·         Business value ·         Portfolio management process cycle ·         Organizational maturity     You should illustrate your arguments by identifying what different systems thinking tools and techniques might aid project managers solve project problems such as occurred with Texas City and Deepwater Horizon.