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Supplemental Information

You are required to make sense of the two provided documents “Disco Di Vignette” & “Disco Di – Supplemental Information” located under Topic 2 – Research Paper.  All the information comes from these two documents. From these two documents you need to answer various questions. These questions can be found in the document “Research Paper Overview” located under Topic 2. The questions are under subheadings; please answers them using the same subheadings. You may choose to include the different parts of the questions as subheadings themselves, however the three you must include are(1) Diagnostic Features/Differential Diagnosis, (2) Cultural and Gender Factors & (3) Paradigm/Treatment Methods. Also required are an intro and conclusion. For the entire paper a minimum of five current (including the year 2006 and after) peer reviewed journal articles are required. They must be primary sources. For each study used (research component), (1) describe the participants involved. Who were they? Where were they? Were they depressed persons from Canada?   (2) Describe the research method used; did they use an inventory, did they observe the participants etc.   (3) Lastly, summarize the results.