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Software Requirements Analysis and Specifications


·         SDLC is. ·         To prepare students to do major project course Assignment description You are required to choose the following information system that you are interested to develop: Web based information system Mobile based information system E-commerce information system E-Learning information system Expert system or other Intelligent information system Other information system that is approved by the lecturer   Since the topics are general, try to choose topic that you are interested to be proposed for major project. Determine more specific system, e.g. a disaster notification through mobile application, learning mathematics with Kinect for kids, etc.   After you choose topic, find out future users of the information system that you build. If you build an e-commerce system, you may consider manager, customer and owner. If you build e-learning system for kids, you may consider teacher, children and parents.   You can conduct the data collection through interview or survey. You can choose one of the methods, but you have to be able to justify the reason. After you choose the method, prepare for questions and write the result. For survey, number of sample that you should get depends on the number of population, but for this assignment, provided that 30 samples are enough. Detail of the report, you can refer to Report Structure section