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Role of Top Management Support in Project Management

There are two components to the individual assessment. The first component is to write either a briefing paper (for the board and senior management), a blog or a journal article. The second component is to anonymously review at least two individual assignments and provide constructive feedback. The objective is to develop your skills to contribute to the body of knowledge. It is hoped that the best papers will be accepted for publication. Your written paper should capture a significant insight presented during the course that you feel should be disseminated more widely. Your audience could be a corporate board, the senior management team of an organisation, project managers, IT professionals, an academic community, the student community, etc. The length and writing style should cater to your specific audience and it is unlikely to be longer than 600 words. However, to demonstrate your depth of knowledge for assessment purposes, you may include an appendix or a link to a more detailed paper. If you choose to write for a blog, the following URL provides a number of examples of an acceptable style: All claims must be justified with authority. Authors must demonstrate their understanding of the seminal research and leading industry practices. At a minimum students must demonstrate their familiarity with the recommended readings. Students are also advised to conduct and present additional research of best practices within an organisation or within a country e.g. based on what is written in influential IT journals. Excessive literal quotations should be avoided except on the unusual occasions when a style of journal publication justifies this approach. The key criterion which will be used to assess this assignment will be whether the article is likely to influence change in an organisation or be accepted for publication in a journal/newspaper/influential blog. It is therefore acceptable to draft the article in the language of the country being studied and to provide a translation (the grammar of the translation is unimportant as long as it is comprehensible).   NOTE: The initial report was on the topic “Role of Top management support in project management”. It  was submitted as assignment -1 and the reviews have been given. The same report should be altered again according to the reviews provided, so that it suits the “Research paper” specifications.