Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Research Project

Run the same analysis using “STATA 12”. I just need to run the analysis again but using STATA 12. Expected to use multiple regression analysis to estimate your multivariate model and test relevant hypotheses Do make sure that you have enough observations for all the variables and that the dependent and independent variables show some variation over the observations. You should not be estimating any identities, or using the dependent variable on the right hand side of the equation unless it is lagged. MAH161014_11844_34594 its was old order id. now need to use sata 12 software Please, i need you following exactly every contend in this “Research Example” and depend on what you going to analysing using STATA you will design how many model??? But atleast you have to doing all test such as “5.1 OLS Analysis for Model   5.1.1 Testing for normality of errors-JB test   5.1.2 Testing for constant variance of errors-White’s test   5.1.3 Testing for Multicollinearity- VIF test  5.1.4 Testing whether errors are not related-DW test   5.1.5 Testing for no omitted variables-Ramsay test” Project3.pdf Appendices (Data & Computer Output) Provide a table of all the data used. Also provide the summary statistics for the  data. All computer output should be attached or if too big, a disk should also be submitted. Also,  see the suggested Table to be included as an appendix.