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Requirement Analysis and Modelling

Note: This assignment continues assignment 1. Therefore you are required to refer to assignment 1’s case study information in order to produce related documents as required by this assignment. Objective Senior management of Beta organization was impressed with Swinburne consultant’s report on Asphalt plant’s (AP) process improvements and now requests some additional documentation to proceed with the recommendation. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is strongly opposed to allocating the required funds for all the suggestions as put forward in the consultants’ report (i.e. all required process improvements as suggested by Swinburne consultant’s report). Therefore the CFO is recommending that the Swinburne team should produce two separate recommendation reports (one for sales order process and one for procument process), so that accounting department can weigh cost and benefits of an each proposed solution and allocate the necessary funds to the project with the highest benefit but with the least cost. As a requirement for this project, each team is to act on a consulting basis to Beta organization for the purpose of advising Beta on a software purchase/ configuration/ development for one of the following areas as identified by Swinburne consultant report in assignment 1. · Sales order process · Procument process It is important to identify several software choices for a selected improvement process and there is enough information readily available so that the team will be able to make an informed decision when making recommendations. Additional information ·Beta currently utilizing Microsoft Dynamics ERP system for financial management, human resources and payroll management purposes. 1 · Microsoft SharePoint is utilized by many business divisions (except AP) to store and share documents across departments. · The following stakeholder profiles were developed by the Swinburne consultants as part of the process improvement project. Stakeholder Major value Attitudes Major interests Corporate Management Cost savings; Improved customer relationships Strong commitment Cost savings must exceed development and usage costs Business unit Managers (other divisions) Improve employee productivity; Cost savings Strong commitment Managing time Plant Manager Cost savings; More efficient use of staff time throughout the day; Control mechanism Strong commitment Managing time and cost Plant Administrator Time savings; Convenience Possible downsizing Managing time Internal customers ( e.g. project managers) Improved order delivery; Time savings; Convenience; Strong enthusiasm Managing time External Customers (e.g. City Councils) Improved order delivery; Time savings; Convenience; Receptive but cautious Time at which product is delivered Project report requirement The project report should address the following points.   What is the context of your report (i.e. sales order process or procument process)? What are the requirements and constraints for any proposed solutions?