Maddox Smith Staff asked 3 years ago

Reporting Assignment

Date Due:VU Collaborate

Assessment Percentage:35%

Groups: 2

Data File:  GBI Assignment.accdb


You work as a report developer and analyst for Global Bike International (GBI).  Your manager has supplied you with some data related to sales and has requested a number of reports.  You task, with a partner, is to create the required reports to answer each of the questions below.

You have been requested to use SAP Web Intelligence to analyse the data.  Once you have created the required reports you will need to record the answer and insert a screen shot of the report with the answer highlighted, (in the area below).  Each screen shot should include your student ID.  Your manager has also asked you to interpret the data and provide an explanation for the results for certain questions.

The footer must include the group member’s name and student ID.

You need to include your Web Intelligence details so we can access your reports as required.  You need to create a save a separate report for each question.