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Questions of How to Account for the Self

1)      demonstrate an understanding of the central issue of the debate (tip: you do this by saying what the debate is about and what are the main ideas under discussion ) 2)      demonstrate an understanding of various points of view within the debate (tip: you do this by presenting and critiquing other views) 3)      adopt and present your own position in the debate (tip: you do this by defending a position that makes the most sense) 4)      justify your own position with evidence and argument (tip: you do this by giving reasons to support your position by using examples and quotes from the texts to support your claims)   5)      display a knowledge of the conventions of academic discourse (tip: you do this through the use appropriately formal language, correct referencing, etc.)     Present opposing view(s)  (the position in the debate that you don’t agree with) Respond to opposing view(s) (criticize the views you don’t agree with) Present adopted view (the view you are defending   Make concessions (acknowledge that the debate is not straightforward) Outline the debate and your view Resolve the issue; sum up your contribution to the debate