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Prosecution For a Criminal Matter

Which of the following forms of liability could lead to prosecution by the Crown? a) Criminal liability. b) Tortious liability. c) Contractual liability. d) Statutory liability.   Question 2 Which of the following is the role of the prosecution for a criminal matter? a) Represent the interests of the state. b) Call evidence to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. c) Make decisions about what evidence to call and how the case will proceed. d) All of the above.   Question 3 Which of the following are excused from being prosecuted for criminal offences? a) Judges b) Members of Parliament c) Prime Minister d) None of the above   Question 4 Which of the following are theoretical justifications for punishment under criminal law? a) Rehabilitatio b) Prevention c) Retribution d) Denunciation e) All of the above   Question 5 A crime is established if: a) The accused has carried out the actus reus b) The accused has carried out conduct which has an effect that the criminal law prohibits c) The accused has carried out certain conduct with a guilty mind d) All of the above