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Project Plan Format

This assignment is a GROUP assignment. Word count: 1500 words (+/- %) This assignment is a full project plan following on from a project proposal. This assignment will follow a formal project plan format. The full project plan will include most of the elements of the Project Proposal. PROPOSAL STRUCTURE You MUST use Microsoft Word to produce a professional plan using technical writing style that is acceptable at an industry standard. Ensure that you use suitable headings to guide a reader through your proposal. To assist you, the following structure is recommended: a. Cover Page b. Table of Contents c. Overview d. Project Scope e. Organisation f. Project Budget  Budget  Budget by Month  Budget by Project Task g. Work Schedules  Gantt Chart  Completed tasks  Who does what when  Resource Usage h. Risk Management Plan i. Health and Safety Plan j. Quality Management Plan k. Configuration and Change Management Plan l. Communications and Reporting Plan m. Conclusion and Recommendations n. References o. AppendicesSemester 2, 2014 Page 2 of 2 ASSIGNMENT 3 PROJECT PLAN – MA