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Project Management & Professional Development

Reflect on their learning and critically evaluate their learning experiences and consider how they will apply those experiences to other modules on their programme of study and their future career aspirations.   Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme:   Justification and construction of short and long-term goals (20 marks) Strengths, Weaknesses and Threats analysis (with evidence to support claims) (20 marks) Strategies (supported by literature) to overcome weakness and threats (20 marks) Opportunities to develop in current and second semester modules (20 marks) Professional Development Plan (10 marks) Presentation including, introduction, conclusions, structure and reference style (10 marks)   Nature of the submission required:         One report hard copy   Instructions to students:   This is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work contributing 40% towards the module assessment.   Referencing Style:   Consistent Harvard Style of references required   Expected size of the submission:   Your report should be approximately 1500- 2000 words, excluding appendices   Academic Conduct:   You must adhere to the university regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry proceedings will be instigated if there is any suspicion of misconduct or plagiarism in your work. Refer to the University’s regulations on assessment if you are unclear as to the meaning of these terms. The latest copy is available on the university website.     Your Task   Using the tools, techniques and feedback that you have been exposed to during the module (for example: Belbin, SWOT, Skills Audit, Study Skills questionnaire, feedback from your formative assessment) you are required to write a report (no more than 2000 words).  You can use other appropriate tools which you have investigated.  The report must cover the following:   Reflect critically on your learning experiences and consider how you will apply lessons learnt from those experiences to this and other modules on your programme of study, in this semester, the next semester and in your future career aspirations.    One of the appendices of your submission must include a professional development plan, which includes short-term and long-term goals, time scales, resources required and evaluation points.   Guidance   You are advised to structure your report to take into consideration the following areas of investigation; this structure is reflected in the marking scheme:   ·         Introduction to the report ·         Justification and construction of short (1 year) and long-term (5 year) goals ·         Your personal strengths, weaknesses and threats analysis (with evidence to support claims) ·         Strategies (supported by literature) to overcome weakness, threats and risks ·         Opportunities that can be used or captured to develop yourself in your first and second semester study of your degree. ·         Ensure that there is connectivity all your sections.  You professional development plan should reflect the section content of your report.   ·         Summary and or conclusions to the report