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Project Charters and Project Initiation

1500 word project plan Step 1- Read the Real-life Case Study Step 2 – Draw up a Charter for the Project. Using information on Project Charters and Project Initiation, produce a Project Charter that you might have developed had you been a Project Manager working on the project presented in the Case Study. Step 3 – Produce estimates of resource requirements. Step 4 – Use assumptions, or actual details (where known) of available human and technical factors. Discuss control and monitoring mechanisms to be put in place and allocate tasks & determine roles. Show throughout how you would have used scheduling, monitoring & controlling approaches introduced in the module to analyse, plan & manage the Case Study project. ———————————————————————————————————– Marking Criteria: Thorough review of all elements of: Goal statement, Terms of Reference, List of Deliverables and any other content deemed appropriate Work Breakdown Structure or equivalent, expected tasks, use of estimating approach(es) to produce task estimates Bar Chart indicating total project time Use of PERT to indicate task dependencies, critical path(s) Gant chart Use of monitoring procedures, including milestones Use of quality tasks