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Privacy Information Management


Assignemnt 3 — Research report/Project report  needs a assignment of final research report on the network security topic Privacy Information Management .  Have uploaded the assignment I have done n I need you to continue writing a research report on it.i am attaching a sample report for your reference Report length: 5000words, about 20pages long. You are allowed to use diagrams, tables, and plots/figures, whatever you think it is useful to make your arguments/analysis clear. : You continue on from your assignment 1 and 2, in which you have selected a topic and implemented the proposed security system or protocol. Now it is time for you to write a project report that is based on extensive reading and understanding of this particular topic. The project report consists at least 5 sections, plus an abstract and reference section. 1) Introduction 2) Literature review/background 3) Problem and existing solutions (4) Methodology and system analysis (5) Conclusion It is a report on the security implementation of the proposed network application. Normally it demonstrates that you strive hard to apply one or more network security techniques you learned from this course to make your network application secure. Therefore your report must highlight what network application you try to secure what security technology you used or developed how did you used the mentioned technology in the implementation demonstrate the security of the network application has been improved Marking Criteria for assignment 3 1. Structure of the assignment 2. Literature review/background 3. Originality and innovation (e.g. Recent development) 4. Motivations (problem and existing solutions) 5. Methodology/or Implementation and System analysis 6. Conclusion/Future directions