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Prepare the Advertising Budget

The main purpose of the advertising campaign is to attract major number of people and therefore the campaign procedure is organise in four different ways and that are

  • Demographic

From the concept of demographic process it can be suggested that the advertising company focuses on different age group of people.  According to the concept of demographic structure it can be suggested that it will depends over the religion, believe and many more. Here the focus age group is 35-50 years old customers. It is because between this age group people are specific about the choice and this kind of home renovation advertising will attract those entire customer.

  • Psychographic     

According to the concept of Psychographic it can be suggested that is actually depends over the individual’s personality, opinions, values etc. Apart from that from the concept Psychographic  it can be also be suggested that it is one of the qualitative methodology  that are used to  design the customer’s psychological approaches. Therefore at the time of maintaining proper advertisement it  need to be specify and  identify all those  customer who actually follow new trends and at the same  time  they actually want to  modify and renovate their homes. The main focus of this advertising campaign is to attract this customer (Mukherjee & Jansen 2014). Apart from that another target audience of this kind of advertising campaign is to attract young generation because usually young generation love to adopt new trends.

  • Geographic

According to the geographic advertising marketing concept it can be suggested that advertising campening is also dependent over the geographical region. In some cases it can be seen that the environment is extremely adverse is some spaces and the communication medium is very low on those area. Therefore it is   difficult for any kind of advertising company to attract these people. Apart from that the advertising campaign is mainly conducted and focuses on those people where environment is pleasant and easy communication is possible. With the help of advertising campaign it becomes possible to attract the customer and convince them to renovate their homes.

  • Behavioural

According to  the  behavioural trends  of customer  it can  be  suggested  that  taste  of  different customer is different and it depends on various factor such as their age, social background, environment. In most of the cases it can also be seen that buying trends is different of financially stable customer than a financially week customer. In case of this advertising campaign the company focuses on those people who are capable to perform home renovation practices and can afford the expenses (Hughes, Zhang & Maginnis 2014). Therefore at the time of making the advertising campaign the advertising company needs to clarify cost and expense so that customer can make clear decision. Apart from that social background and environment background is also related with the buying   behavior of the customer. Therefore advertising campaign of the company is mainly focuses on that customer who can adopt new things and has good taste