Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Potential Nursing Diagnostic Statements

Formulate three (3) potential nursing diagnostic statements for Henry. 2. Write one (1) expected outcome for one (1) of your identified nursing problems (3 marks). 3. Outline your nursing responsibilities for a pre-operative paediatric patient (6 marks). 4. What are your nursing responsibilities prior to taking Henry back to the ward? (6 marks). The RMO has prescribed paracetamol 580mg 4-6 hourly. Given Henry’s current weight of 26kg is  this dose correct? What are your nursing actions following your calculation? (3 marks). Given Henry’s developmental age what strategies would you utilise to administer oral medication (4 marks. 8. Outline four (4) nursing interventions you will perform when caring for a paediatric patient with IVT (4 marks). 9. Outline four (4) complications related to IVT? (2 marks). What factors do you need to consider when managing Henry’s mother (3 marks). What strategies would you utilise to personally cope with this experience (4 marks). 12. What discharge information would you include specially relating to Henry (6 marks)