Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Portfolio Reflection Essay

this a portfolio reflection essay for my last order no. MAH061014_12016_39879. please assigned this for the writer who completed the MAH061014_12016_39879 answer these questions for this portfolio, Approx 300 words one and half page 1/ what did you struggle with most in completing this assignment? what strategies did you use to overcome these challenges? 2/ what specific changes did you make to essay during the drafting process? why did you make these changes? 3/ How did you take advantage of what you know about discourse communities in the essay? 4/ What did you learn about writing an argumentative essay while completing the essay? 5/ What did you learn a bout writing process while writing the paper? * make sure to answer Q no 3 and 4, use specific examples from the paper to illustrate the points you are making a bout writing. this should be written in essay form Approx 300 words about page and half.