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Policy Analysis Model


Submission is 26 March 5pm. POL330 Public Policy analysis: Report marking sheet for Assignment 3 Area of policy interest Introduction to the policy you have selected. Why did you select that policy area? How will be analyse the policy area in this assignment? Analysis of policy problem State and explain using Stone causal story and the quadrant. Explain why it falls in that quadrant. Explain the causes that turned the policy area you are writing about into a policy problem. Analysis of agenda setting techniques Explain with models such as Inside initiate, Outside, mobilisation bias etc. Select only one model. Explain how decision making was done to select the agenda Options matrix Analysis of policy implementation and instruments Explain if it is top down, bottom up, compound Explain the 4 instruments used in your policy area. Evaluate using: impact evaluation (summative) / process evaluation (formative) Explain using evaluation tools Use of theory and/or policy analysis model Explain the framework that you said you will use: Kingdon, Sabatier or Downs Apply the framework clearly Finally, recommendation to the existing policy. Should the instruments change or should the approach change eg. More consultation, etc. Expression and grammar / Citations and referencing