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Personal Development for Leadership and Management

The Formative Assessment requires you to develop a learning plan The Summative Assessment requires you to submit a 1500-word reflective essay with reference to an aspect of a practice identified as a developmental need in the learning plan. The Formative Assessment Develop the learning plan (examples of templates in Appendix 1) 1. Examine your (personal, academic and professional) development needs to be successful in Year 3 a. Refer to the skills and knowledge required in modules such as: literature searching (Research for Nursing), advanced communication skills (Nursing & Collaborative Working), performing rapid patient assessment (Skills Underpinning Complex Care (Field specific). b. Review the practice skills related to managing others and enhancing practice such as delegation, prioritising care, escalating concerns. The activities identified in Blackboard (in particular week 3 & 5) are designed to aid you in this self-assessment. 2. Identify strategies to fulfil the needs a. State clear objectives with short, medium and long term goals. b. Ensure the objectives are SMARTER in nature (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely, Evidence and Research based) 3. Submit the learning plan by 14:00 24 October 2014 The Summative Assessment (1500 words) Reflect on your skills in the leadership and management of teams and your ability to be responsive and innovative in unpredictable situations. Demonstrate how self-appraisal and feedback has enhanced your personal and professional development. Explain how you have applied your theoretical knowledge within a practice context, for example in situation requiring management of risk or change to practice. Submit your essay in size 12, Arial font with 1.5 line spacing. a. Provide a title page which includes: – Your student number and cohort. – The module information (module code and name). – The actual word count. – Your submission date. – Your seminar tutor and the module leader’s name. b. Throughout your essay use: – Arial font size 12 – 1.5 line spacing – Numbering for each page Your essay should include: 1.Introduction a. Identify which particular objective the Learning Plan being addressed b. Identify reflective model and give rationale for choice (e.g. Driscoll, Gibbs or Johns) c. Note adherence to the confidentiality policy (Guidance on Harvard Referencing and the Confidentiality Policy can be found on the module Blackboard Shell > Assignments > Academic Documents) 2. Application of the reflective model. a. Select an example from your first placement experience in the 3rd year (description should be short and specific) b. Structure work in accordance to chosen reflective model 3. Identify the theory that supports your learning 4. Conclude your essay by identifying key points 5.Provide an accurate reference list using the Bucks Harvard referencing system 6. Attach the Learning Plan as an appendix Submit your essay by 14:00hrs 24 October 2014